Planet Zoo: Twilight Pack Arriving October 18 on Steam

Ready for Halloween?
Ready for Halloween? Frontier

It’s time to prepare and embrace the Halloween spirit with the Twilight Pack coming to Planet Zoo on Steam, October 18, priced at $9.99.

The Twilight Pack introduces players to five elusive new species:

  • The rascally Raccoon with its signature black mask that enhances its vision.
  • The cunning Red Fox and its razor-sharp hearing.
  • The inquisitive Common Wombat that brings its infamous cube-shaped droppings.
  • The solitary Striped Skunk whose pungent spray is sure to deter certain pesky predators.
  • The sociable Egyptian Fruit Bat Exhibit Animal which features a walkthrough exhibit that’s sure to excite guests.

It’s not all creatures since the Twilight pack also gives zookeepers the chance to show off their creativity with more than 200 pieces of eerie scenery like castle-inspired building pieces, which come with grinning gargoyles and even a portcullis.

Make the atmosphere creepier with different petrifying plants such as the twisted Bristlecone pine tree, shade-loving Ivy, and bioluminescent ghost fungus. Players can also put on display glowing pumpkins and bubbling cauldrons.

Not enough for you? The Twilight Pack also brings an immersive new Career scenario. In this one, zookeepers are asked to transform a mysterious zoo in the depths of Transylvania, especially after the notorious villain Dominic Meyers made the decision to hastily abandon it. You’ll need to adopt and care for inquisitive animal arrivals and build spooktacular habitats. All of these bring the zoo to its former glory.

The Twilight Pack will arrive with Update 1.11, which you can read more about here.

The Twilight Pack requires the Planet Zoo base game and play. Planet Zoo is available on Steam for $44.99 with Planet Zoo: Deluxe Edition offered for $54.99. There’s also the Planet Zoo: Ultimate Edition , considered as the definitive version that comes with every released DLC.

Planet Zoo was developed by Frontier Developments, the same studio responsible for games like Jurassic World Evolution (2018), Planet Coaster (2016), and Zoo Tycoon (2013). Planet Zoo offers the ultimate zoo sim and features authentic living animals who think, feel and explore the world created around them. Players not only craft unique habitats and vast landscapes, but also make big decisions and meaningful choices.

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