Planet Zoo: Update 1.10.1 Fixes Issues with the Siamang and More

Update 1.10.1
Update 1.10.1 Twitter/@PlanetZooGame

Frontier Developments recently launched a new patch for Planet Zoo that contained general bug fixes and improvements.

The Siamang is an arboreal, black-furred gibbon native to the forests of Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. That said, some bug fixes for the Siamang are implemented in Update 1.10.1.

For instance, the issue where Siamangs were not brachiating between connected beams correctly is now fixed. Minor issues with Siamang animations while swinging and transitioning between linked beams are resolved as well.

The latest update for Planet Zoo also applied some general improvements. For one, the species tags found in the blueprint creation interface are now sorted alphabetically for easy perusal. Additionally, the Bactrian Camel is re-scaled and adjusted to correct the animal’s size.

The other changes in Update 1.10.1 are:

  • Increased frequency of swimming and climbing for a number of animals when exploring their habitat
  • Fixed animals becoming suspended in mid-air when deleting a climbing frame just before they start climbing
  • Fixed animals walking through the air when dismounting a climbing frame
  • Fixed an issue where the Koala would not climb trees in its habitat
  • Fixed Axolotl swimming above the water surface in its exhibit when performing its swim animation
  • Fixed Amur Leopard tongue clipping through the bottom of mouth while eating
  • Fixed the Siamang Juvenile being unable to use the Suspended Forager enrichment
  • Fixed the Przewalski's Horse Juvenile front leg distorting when drinking
  • Added Desert biome suitability to Axolotl and Przewalski's Horse
  • Added community competition winner flowerpot to the game - Congratulations Harper!
  • Added missing “Conservation Pack” tag to Tomato Vines
  • Added tags of animals able to climb thin climbing beams to Metal Climbing Frames and Brachiation Frame blueprints. Also adjusted species tags on Thin Climbing Beams core assets
  • Improved the Metal Climbing Frame's thumbnail icons to make them more visible in Siamangs’ research screens
  • Fixed certain feeder enrichments not showing as full after being refilled
User Interface
  • Improved accuracy of Status UI on brachiation frames, and fixed status not updating when the UI is open
  • Fixed an issue where Educators thought no guests showed up to their talk
  • Fixed Educators sometimes being duplicated in the per species tab of education management UI
  • Fixed a rare crash when educators finish animal talks
  • Fixed a rare crash with guest vandalism
  • Fixed a rare crash when moving animals from quarantine
  • General stability fix

Planet Zoo Update 1.10.1 is available on PC.

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