Phasmophobia Balance Patch v0.5.2.0 Overhauls Several Ghosts

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Phasmophobia's recent update went live yesterday. Patch v0.5.2.0 brings balancing changes to several ghosts. The High Priestess tarot card received new functionality, and several bugs were squashed. Banshee, Shade, and Hantu received the most changes, whereas Demon and Poltergeist only received minor tweaks.

You can read about them in great detail below.

  • Demons have had their weakness replaced with the Banshee’s, as it is more thematic and serves as a better counter to their strength
    • Crucifixes will stop a hunt starting within 5m instead of 3m
  • Banshee has received a new weakness and new abilities
    • Weakness: Banshees can sometimes be heard wailing with a parabolic microphone
    • The Banshee’s paranormal sound has been improved
    • Singing ghost events will now drain an extra 5% sanity on the Banshee's target
    • Banshees will only check their targets sanity % for initiating a hunt in multiplayer
    • Banshees will often wander toward their target when roaming
  • We've found that some Shades are particularly fond of showing themselves early on in contracts, so we've dialed them back a bit to avoid confusion with other ghosts:
  • Shades will have a much lower chance to perform ghost events, returning to normal as average player sanity decreases
  • For every 1% of average sanity lost, ghost event chance is increased by 2% (capped at 100%), for example:
    • 100% average sanity = 0% chance
    • 75% average sanity = 50% chance
    • 50% average sanity = 100% chance
  • Poltergeist’s ability will now reduce the sanity of all players around the ghost instead of just one player
    • 2% sanity drain per object thrown
  • Hantu have become the new ghost people love to loop, which is great. However, they weren't threatening when they should be! So we've given them some speed and ability changes to make them a bit more frightening in the cold.
    • Hantu now have double the chance to turn off the power
    • Hantu will now show their breath in room temperatures of 3°C or lower
  • Hantu maximum speed has been increased, and will change speed between smaller temperature brackets
    • 1.4 m/s= 15°C+
    • 1.5 m/s= 12°C
    • 1.65 m/s= 9°C
    • 1.8 m/s= 6°C
    • 2.2 m/s= 3°C
    • 2.5 m/s= 0°C

The complete patch notes are available on Steam.

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