Hunt: Showdown Death’s Herald Now Available

Death comes knocking.
Death comes knocking. Crytek

Death’s Herald has officially arrived in Hunt: Showdown. This latest DLC delivers the Legendary Hunter Sofia. She brings with her the Legendary weapon known as the Weeping Marigold (Vetterli 71 Karabiner Marksman) and a Legendary tool called the Eye for an Eye (Throwing Knives).

This new DLC is available at Steam being offered at a 10% discount.

The Messenger of Death

Sofia’s story starts when she was young and thought her visions were a blessing. That all changed when these same visions brought four dark figures to her home. As flames consumed what she held dear, she also heard four gunshots, each followed by the cry of family members that had passed through the veil.

As the fire died out, she performed an old blood ritual to seek guidance from Death. Her final vision revealed bloated corpses, an old wooden gate, and a woman in a cemetery that appeared to be blanketed with marigolds. The woman’s face was both blank and smooth, with her bony finger pointing northeast.

In her pursuit of the four, Sofia followed the signs and eventually led her to Louisiana. She knew that she's getting closer to the source of her visions and the chance to get that sweet vengeance. It was also in this place that she got initiated by the American Hunter’s Association, which didn’t think twice into recruiting Sofia.

Hunt: Showdown is set in 1895 where players take on the role of a Hunter tasked with eliminating the monsters infesting the Louisiana Bayou. The game was initially planned to be a cooperative multiplayer before it turned into a competitive multiplayer where players fight against other players or enemies controlled by AI.

The game offers two modes with the first one being “Bounty Hunt.” This one has players become bounty hunters who hunt down one or two of the four bosses available in the game. Players can go at it solo or form a team with up to two other players. The second mode is “Quickplay,” which is pretty much a battle royale that lasts for 15 minutes.

Hunt: Showdown is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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