'Persona 5' Weather Conditions Explained: How Heat Wave, Pollen Warning And More Affect Gameplay

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What effect do weather changes have in 'Persona 5'? Atlus

There’s a lot to keep track of in Persona 5, including the weather. While you won’t get electrocuted for wearing the wrong pants like in Breath of the Wild, there are certain perks and challenges to bear in mind for days with unusual weather. Mostly, weather will impact dungeon crawling, whether in Palaces or Momentos. We’re breaking down the significance of every type of weather you’ll come across as a Phantom Thief, so you’ll know what to expect every day of the year.

Rain /Storms

  • Some Confidants may not appear on their usual days if it is raining.
  • Some Social Stat boosting activities will get a boost, including additional Charm for using the Yongen-Jaya Bathhouse (+3 instead of +2). Studying in the Shibuya Diner and Leblanc during the rain will also provide an extra +1 Knowledge.
  • Increases encounter rate for rare enemies, including Treasure Demons.

Heat Wave

  • Enemies may start battle with Burn status ailment. Use Garu or Frei magic to inflict Technical damage.

Flu Season

  • Enemies may suffer from the Despair status ailment (death after three turns) from the start of battle. Use Psi magic to inflict Technical damage.
  • Some gamers claim to have used the Flu Season / Despair ailment as a means of easily killing the Reaper, the super-challenging optional boss who pops up when you lurk around one floor of Momentos for too long. If Reaper’s got the Despair affliction when you encounter him, just hold out for three turns (no small task, depending on your level) and watch the EXP roll in!

Pollen Warning

  • Enemies in Momentos / Palaces are more likely to be asleep, making sneak attacks (and combat in general) easier. Any kind of attack will result in Technical damage for a sleeping enemy.
  • Enemies will ask for Eye Drops during Negotiation.

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