Perfect Heist 2: Update 27 Welcomes Players to the New Skull Island Map

Update 27
Update 27 Steam

Perfect Heist 2 got a new map that allows you to live your island robbery fantasies in the recently released Update 27.

Skull Island is the latest map in Perfect Heist 2 set on a private tropical island. Your mission is to infiltrate this place and head to its extensive underground facilities, where you will find the main underground vault that houses all the good stuff. There’s also a weapon rack that might hold some armaments that you can use for a successful escape if things go south.

Skull Island Map
Skull Island Map Steam
Skull Island Map
Skull Island Map Steam

Aside from the new map, Update 27 brought a lot of balancing adjustments as well. The Master Thief’s EMP Drone can no longer stun players with its taser. However, the drone can now be used to press buttons. This is a good way of unlocking doors with buttons that were previously hard to reach.

The Bodyguard also got some nice changes. His Electromagnetic Shield is now a wall instead of a bubble and it now lets projectiles through from one side. This enables him to protect himself and the VIP while shooting at robbers. Moreover, the Bodyguard can now push VIPs around, so he can get them out of harm’s way.


  • added new "Cartoon Post Processing" graphics setting
  • added new "minWins" and "maxWins" server settings (only allows players that have at least minWins and less than maxWins)
Master Thief
  • increased drone acceleration
  • Micro HP loss while tiny reduced from 1.5 HP/sec to 0.5 HP/sec
Gym Buddy
  • Gym Buddy can now throw bomb, money and gym bags (hold drop key to charge)
  • increased Sniper Rifle pullout speed (fixes having to wait on scope animation)
  • increased plane top speed and agility by 30%
  • reduced plane collision damage by 50%
  • reduced plane minimum speed
  • Janitor now shows current lock charges (instead of recycling charges)
  • UI now shows the progress to the next lock for the Janitor
  • doubled scrap pickup speed
  • Janitor locks now make a sound when picked by a robber
  • NPCs will no longer walk through puddles (except for the first 2 seconds to allow robbers to react to it)
  • successful map votes now change the map after the current round has finished
  • killed cop bots now take 10 seconds to respawn (instead of instantly respawning)
  • killed cop bots now only take a team life when respawning, not when dying (in case a human player requires a team life while the bot is waiting to respawn)
  • killed cop bots now won't respawn if it would take their teams last remaining life
  • reworked scope materials to look a bit cleaner

So, what can you say about the new Skull Island map in Perfect Heist 2 Update 27?

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