Perfect Heist 2 Update 24: New Robber Class and Balancing Changes

Perfect Heist 2 Update 24
Perfect Heist 2 Update 24 Steam

Developer Yes We Camp recently released a new update for Perfect Heist 2, which added a new robber class and several changes.

New Robber

The developers added a new class of Robber called “Gym Buddy.” Gym Buddy can place trampolines that teammates can use to reach places where they couldn’t before. It also spawns with a gym bag, useful as it grants health regeneration via disguises.

Game Changes

One of the new changes in this update is that players can now shoot through dead bodies, money bags, and destroyed wall pieces. But these assets has a 50% damage reduction, so keep that in mind before you start shooting through them.

Perfect Heist 2 Update 24

Full Changelog
  • Added new robber class "Gym Buddy" (can place trampolines and spawns with a gym bag that contains disguises for his teams and heals nearby robbers).
  • Added keybinding support for more keys (ö, ü, ...).
  • Added keybinding support for mouse wheel up/down.
  • Added keybinding support for left mouse button.
  • Added reloading and weapon cycle keybindings.
  • Added sprint toggle option.
  • Reduced tiny Micros acceleration and movement speed.
  • Reduced tiny Micros interaction range.
  • Tiny Micro walk/run animations improved.
  • Micro can now carry bomb bags and bodies.
  • Janitor puddles now cause characters to leave wet footprints for a short time.
  • Changed Janitor's primary weapon from Carbine to SMG.
  • Janitors can no longer pick up player bodies or money bags.
  • Janitor can now place a lock on a normal door after picking up 5 objects (multiple times per round).
  • Robbers can lockpick Janitor locks (takes 8 seconds).
Level Editor
  • Added "Revert Selection" button that reverts to the previous object selection.
  • Added "Sideways Elevator" that can move in any direction and has a customizable speed.
  • Improved performance on custom maps with lots of cars.
  • Fixed some maps not loading when playtesting.
  • Fixed large doorway collision mesh being too small, allowing tiny Micros to hide in the doorway.
  • Fixed kick votes getting canceled when the targeted player leaves the server.
  • Potential fix for some votes never ending.
  • Fixed Vault Cracker respawning in customer clothing.
  • Fixed Micro not unshrinking when respawning.
  • Fixed NPCs sometimes being able to walk through doors they are not supposed to walk through.

You can read more about the update here.

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