Perfect Heist 2: Update 26 Buffs Master Thief and Adds Community Map Showcase

Update 26
Update 26 Steam

Perfect Heist 2 got Update 26 not too long ago. In this patch, developers have implemented balancing changes to a number of classes, though the Master Thief has “stolen” all of the good stuff.

The Master Thief is a class in Perfect Heist 2 capable of spawning a diamond that only he can steal. When picked up, the Master Thief not only gains $25,000 but also gets an increase in movement speed for a short duration.

That said, developers thought that the Master Thief is still weak overall compared to his counterparts, which is why he got buffed in Update 26. One of the biggest changes is that the Master Thief is now a “stealth” character, meaning he now demands a more cautious playstyle. However, he can use his EMP drone to stun others with a taser, giving him enough time to escape when things go wrong.

While the Master Thief enjoys some buffs, he got a couple of notable nerfs as well. The time it takes for him to pick up the diamond has increased from 0.5 seconds to two seconds. Besides that, the diamond is now only worth $20,000 instead of $25,000.

In addition, this patch includes the Community Map Showcase feature on the main menu. This allows players to quickly jump to the featured custom map of the week, which is voted upon by the community using the thumbs-up/down buttons.

The Master Thief
The Master Thief Steam


  • Added "Cop Respawn Timer" and "Robber Respawn Timer" server settings
  • Reduced Joker extra money from 80% to 60%
  • Master Thief now gets pinged every time he is spotted by a camera, not just the first time
  • Master Thief no longer spawns in a cop bot when he gets spotted by a camera
  • Dead players that get to respawn because their team had a remaining life now have to press a key before respawning (to prevent AFK players from draining team lives)
  • VIP walk speed is now reduced by 66% while poisoned
  • NPC collision performance improvements while moving, should result in 10% more FPS on maps with lots of NPCs
  • Gym Buddy's trampoline now gives a 10-second speed boost to its users
  • More potential horse bug fixes, as well as additional logging, please let me know if it happens again
  • Horse unmount collision detection system reworked to prevent players from getting placed at positions where they get stuck
  • Added additional horse unmount positions
  • Fixed cop operators sometimes being able to see robber pings
  • Fixed cop operators not seeing cop pings and cops not seeing pings from their cop operators
  • Fixed cop operators sometimes being able to spectate a robber at the start of a round
  • Added "Custom Door" object, can either use a custom model or an extra/prop model from the editor
  • Fixed level editor object search sometimes not taking extra/props objects into consideration

Perfect Heist 2 Update 26 is available on PC.

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