Perfect Heist 2: New Update Brings Balancing Changes to Janitor and Other Classes

Update 30 yeswecamp

The Janitor is no longer someone you want to mess with in Perfect Heist 2. That's because this class got some nice upgrades in Update 30.

If you are new to Perfect Heist 2, the Janitor is a member of Team Cops. Although he is a blue-collar worker, he actually wields a couple of nice weapons to deter robbers from stealing money from the bank, such as a speedy submachine gun and a reliable shotgun.

That said, in Update 30, the Janitor got new upgrades worth talking about. First, he now has a Carbine as his primary weapon, meaning he can deal considerably more damage than before. Second, he now wields a Slug Shotgun as his secondary weapon, which is more accurate than the regular shotgun. The Slug Shotgun's projectiles are special as they can cause bleeding on hit. Bleeding robbers leave a blood trail that allows the Janitor to track and chase them down more easily.

Aside from that, the Janitor can now recycle other stuff, including boom barrels, robber money printers, and bomb buggies without setting off an explosion.

Patch Notes


  • New mid-round robber respawn point now only gets used if there is no cop nearby, if a cop is camping it, another spawn point will be used
  • Micro incoming damage bonus while tiny decreased from 700% to 500%
  • Snipers vision dart now pings the hit cop every 4s instead of every 2.5s
  • Snipers vision dart duration increased from 20s to 30s
  • Updated Traffic Cop description to include that he gains an additional wire the first time he damages a robber with one of his barbed wires (no gameplay changes, just added missing description)
  • Traffic Cop barbed wires no longer damages cops
  • Increased Traffic Cops barbed wire HP from 50 to 70
  • Syringe Gun
    • Damage increased from 30 to 35
    • Fire rate increased from 180 RPM to 220 RPM
    • Bullet velocity increased from 60 m/s to 80 m/s
    • Ammo increased from 16/64 to 20/80
  • Decreased Pickpocket steal duration from 0.25s to 0.1s
  • Explosive damages now deals damage to players wearing vests if the incoming damage is larger than the vest HP
  • updated Reinforcer character model
  • Traffic Cops barbed wire now cause bleeding, resulting in minor tick damage and visible blood trail
  • Reduced Pilots plane damage from 20 to 17
  • Increased chance to find a plane upgrade inside a box from 70% to 80%

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Traffic Cops wire not damaging robber bots
  • Fixed Detective not being able to investigate money bags
  • Fixed Master Thiefs drone not being affected by Developers frequency jammer
  • Potential fix for getting stuck in "Press Key to Respawn" screen after chatting/tabbing out
  • Opening the escape menu now counts as key press while inside the "Press Key to Respawn" screen

Perfect Heist 2 Update 30 is available on PC.

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