Penny's Big Breakaway Coming to PC and Consoles Next Year

Escape and have fun at the same time. Evening Star

Penny's Big Breakaway is arriving early next year. This upcoming platformer action game is set for release on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

The game puts players in the role of the "yo-tagonist" Penny. She was once an aspiring court performer but is now on the run. That's because her yo-yo caused a commotion when she was auditioning at the royal palace. As a result, Eddie the Emperor has ordered his loyal penguin forces to not only capture Penny but also her stringed companion, Yo-Yo. The chase is on and it's now up to players to help the hero escape.

Non-Stop Action

Penny's Big Breakaway is developed by Evening Star and built on the studio's very own Star Engine. It offers non-stop action as players try to escape the impending penguin horde in each level. These waddling and avian adversaries are doing what they can to stop their progress by bursting out from walls, rushing over cliffs, and attempting to dogpile players.

Penny on the Run

The good news is that Penny is not only agile but also an acrobatic aerialist. Players can spin, jump, and ride over different brightly colored and complex terrain which features sharp ledges, steep ramps, massive cliffs, and more. However, each obstacle offers them a chance to increase their speed and get some breathing room from those flightless foes in hot pursuit. In addition to Story Mode, they can also enjoy Time Attack Mode.

Meet the Other Star

Penny may be the main star of the show but she won't be alone in this adventure. While she is largely the reason for what's happening, Penny's trusty partner Yo-Yo is there to help her. Throughout the game, players can find tasty snacks for Yo-Yo. Once consumed, they'll temporarily unlock some power ups like a protective shield or increased movement speed. Yo-Yo can also pick up different single-use tools, useful in magnetically pulling collectibles that are outside Penny's reach.

Looking for a Challenge

In a statement, Evening Star Creative Director Christian Whitehead shared that they've always had a deep passion in expressive and character-driven games which showcase a concise and satisfying moveset. He added that for this game, they wanted to challenge themselves by putting that approach to a 3D world. He ended by saying that this new game is a chance for the studio to grow creatively and technically.

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