GTA Online: New Update Introduces Exciting Changes to Mammoth Avenger

What's that in the sky? Rockstar Games

The San Andreas Mercenaries update for GTA Online is here and it introduces new missions for everyone to enjoy. Besides those, you can also look forward to the exciting upgrades for the Mammoth Avenger. Indeed, the utility of this plane has been expanded.

For starters, if you want to own and operate an Avenger, there's no longer any need to own a Facility or Hangar. All that needs to be done is for you to access the Services section of the Interaction Menu and call out the plane to wherever you are.

For those who already own a Hangar with a Workshop, they can customize the Avenger with new mil-spec upgrades. These include front-facing machine guns and missiles, a Stealth Module, or even a Missile Lock-On Jammer which can be activated even while on autopilot.

Another exciting new upgrade for the Avenger is the Mammoth Avenger Thruster. How does this work? Let's say you've left the Avenger on autopilot in the sky and you've become stranded on the ground. Just access the Interaction Menu and call the Mammoth Avenger Thruster directly to your location.

Operations Terminal

The Operations Terminal is an interior upgrade which lets you access Project Overthrow and LSA Operations. You can buy it directly from Charlie Reed in the Hangar or access it when customizing the Avenger in the Charlie Upgrades menu. If you don't have a Hangar but want to be part of the fight, you can buy the Operations Terminal once you upgrade the Avenger.

A New Weapon is Here

On top of new upgrades, there's a new Tactical SMG and is considered as the pinnacle of sidearm technology. It's fully automatic with an oversized magazine, is drive-by capable, and truly powerful. Just look for the Gun Van and get it for your armory.

New Vehicles

You can also look forward to two new vehicles. The first is the Grotti Itali GTO Stinger TT (Sports) which is considered as the next generation of imported luxury. You can get it at the Legendary Motorsport and Luxury Autos showroom. Once you have this beauty, head over to Imani in the Agency Vehicle Workshop and outfit it with extras like Armor Plating, Slick Mines, Remote Control Unit, and a Missile Lock-On Jammer.

Meanwhile, Southern San Andreas Super Autos and Luxury Autos showroom are offering the Maibatsu MonstroCiti. It's a family-friendly SUV that can go over any terrain. You can equip this vehicle with Imani Tech upgrades, such as the Remote Control Unit and a Missile Lock-On Jammer.

The two vehicles are simply the highlights. Other new vehicles added are the Declasse Walton L35, Vapid Ratel, and Mammoth Streamer216 propeller plane. Next week, it's going to be the Bravado Buffalo along with limited-time vehicles from the Drug Wars like the Weeny Issi Rally, Toundra Panthere, Karin Hotring Everon, and Willard Eudora.

Check out what else the San Andreas Mercenaries update has to offer. GTA Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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