Open Session of XDefiant Starts Today

Your chance to play the game. Ubisoft

If you want to try out XDefiant, now's your chance. That's because an Open Session for the game is set to go live today, June 21, at 1:00 p.m. ET. It's available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S until June 23.

The XDefiant team revealed that they've made some updates after the closed beta last April. These were to improve the player experience and as preparation for the official launch.

New Netcode

One of the biggest changes is the introduction of a new netcode. That's because during the open beta, many faced issues like getting shot even while they're hiding behind walls or dying after running behind a corner. The team hopes that the new netcode will address these issues and the Open Session will serve as a stress test before the game goes live.

Server Stability

Another improved aspect is server stability. What happened was that before the closed beta went live, a bug was detected which didn't present itself during testing with bots. To fix this, the team needed to reconfigure the servers that were used for the test. However, this led to unexpected glitches and even crashes. Hopefully, the experience during the Open Session is smoother.

Console Improvements

Consoles players should be happy to know that significant improvements were made to the controller latency and aim assist. During the closed beta, the team revealed that controller latency was more than 60 milliseconds, which was way above the expected normal range of 15 to 25. The controller latency was adjusted and is now in the normal range at an average of 20 milliseconds. For aim assist, it was strengthened by around 5%.

DedSec Faction

The DedSec is going to be available once the game officially launches. This fifth faction can be purchased or earned through XP progression. The good news is that this faction is playable during the Open Session. Players able to complete the Ubisoft Connect DedSec challenge will permanently unlock it when the game is released. They can also unlock this faction by earning 125,000 XP and claiming through the Ubisoft Connect account.

You can check out all changes for the Open Session here.

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