Bless Unleashed Reveals Changes Coming to Dungeons

What changes are coming?
What changes are coming? Bandai Namco

Bless Unleashed is currently working on an update called "Secrets and Scions." When this update was first teased, the game said that changes were coming for Reputation and Prestige quests. There was also going to be a new dungeon.

So what’s been happening? For starters, the development team apologized in a post that a new dungeon won’t actually be introduced in the upcoming update, instead will be released in a later update.

Going back to the upcoming update, the team revealed that one of the feedback they received was that players were having difficulty getting a particular Dungeon queue to pop. To hopefully address this concern, the team said they are working on a way to make Timed Dungeons the primary method to play Dungeons.

The team added that they’ll also be removing some of the Dungeons from the “Always On” of the present Dungeon list. After that, they’ll then be moved to the new Timed Dungeon system.

These are the Dungeons that are available in the upcoming update:

  • Traditional Dungeon Queue
    • Arena Challenges
      • Holy Trial
      • Emperor of Roots
      • Mercenary Remnos
      • Gnoll Trimuvirate
      • The Corrupted Creation
    • Dungeons
      • Kobold Lair - Infernal Kitchen
      • Savantis Mausoleum - Altar of Blood
      • Dreamscale Ruins - Sundered Sanctuary
    • Lair Challenges
      • Bloody Arena
      • Putrid Canyon
      • Crimson Waterfall
      • Den of the Wolf King
      • Temple of Lies
  • Timed Dungeon Queue
    • Arena Challenges
      • Ruler of the Ruins
      • The Cursed Knight
      • The Stormbringer
      • The Fiendlord Executioner
    • Dungeons
      • Kobold Lair - Chieftain's Throneroom
      • Savantis Mausoleum - Lich's Respite
    • Lair Challenges
      • Harpy Queen's Nest
      • Chamber of the Ancient
      • Abyssal Dungeons
      • Dreamscale Ruins - Hall of the Eclipse
      • Rutus Mines - Halls of the Dead

Spring Update

It was only last month when Bless Unleashed released its Spring Update. Among the new content that arrived were new quests and ancient weapon quests. There were two new dungeons introduced as well.

The Spring Update also brought new events like the Fishing Competition and started the Timed Dungeon. There were changes done to Guild, specifically the Guild depot function. One of the things these offered was to supply guild members with specific items using Guild Gold or Master Tokens.

Learn more about it here.

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