Bless Unleashed Secrets and Scions Update Now Live

It's here!
It's here! Bandai Namco

The much-awaited Secrets and Scions update for Bless Unleashed is now live. There are new daily prestige quests added while some dungeons moved to Time Dungeon. The biggest change though would be the Beoran updates and Master Enhancement.

When it was first revealed that a new update was in the works, there was talk of a new dungeon. This has since been clarified and instead of a new one, some dungeons became Timed Dungeons. You can read more about which dungeons are those here.

Changes to Enhancement

The new update actually makes a rather big change to Master Enhancement, which is now removed. That means the Master Enhancer NPCs are no longer available and the Paetion Sigils have been cut from reward tables.

The Bless Unleashed team revealed that when the Master Enhancement Equipment Specialist was first introduced, the goal was to lower and mitigate enhancement stress. However, because players were using Star Seeds for equipment enhancement that resulted in unbalanced Marketplace prices, which affected the in-game economy.

Borean Updates

  • Replaced two Beoran field bosses.
    • Archfiend is replaced with Phantom Duke Isaac.
    • Corrupted Forest Keeper is replaced with Executioner Mantis.
    • Adjusted Beoran side quests and regional quests to accommodate these changes.
  • Added a sixth Beoran Campaign reward.
    • Rewards include a Shadowy Spectral Puma mount.
  • ​Adjusted requirements to accept the episode quest “'The Path to Beoran.”
    • Players must now complete the Ivory Dunes quest “The Enemy of my Enemy.”
  • ​Added monsters to the quest area for the Beoran episode quest “Food Retrieval.”
  • Adjusted the HP bar for the “Dragonnewt Warlord” enemy to be displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the path guide did not work correctly in some Beoran side quests.

Read all the changes that arrived with the new update here.

Twitch Drops

In celebration of the new update, Bless Unleashed is bringing back the Twitch Drops weekend. This promotion starts May 7 and ends May 10.

Fans get a chance to earn seven rewards divided over 210 minutes of view time. Just watch any Drops-enabled Bless Unleashed stream to get these:

  • Purple Dye
  • White Dye
  • Twitch Axebeak Mount

Other rewards include:

  • Dungeon - Normal
    • Watch any Drops-enabled Bless Unleashed stream where the streamer completes a 5-Player Dungeon and earns a special reward box containing 10,000 Gold and 5 Potions of Regeneration (I).
  • ​Dungeon - Abyssal
    • Watch any Drops-enabled Bless Unleashed stream where the streamer completes an Abyssal 5-Player Dungeon to earn a reward box containing 5 Potions of Regeneration I, a Memory Gem IV, and 20,000 Gold.
  • Field Boss
    • Watch any Drops-enabled Bless Unleashed stream where the streamer defeats a Field Boss to earn one reward box containing a Memory Gem III.
  • Level Milestone
    • Watch any Drops-enabled Bless Unleashed stream where the streamer achieves a “milestone” level (Levels 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45) character level to earn a Twitch Milestone Chest containing the following:
      • 2 Rare Embers of Paetion
      • 10 Potions of Recovery II
      • 2 Grilled Meat-and-Cheese Lunchbox

So what do you think of this update?

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