Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Update 1.1.7c Fixes Some Spells and Abilities in Crusade Mode

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous
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A new update for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has been released and it fixes some spells and abilities in Crusade mode. Update 1.1.7c also implements some bug fixes, including the ones for the Trickster.

In Crusade Mode, spells like Bestow Protection and Absorption now work as intended. Absorption’s number of uses is increased to three as well. Furthermore, using Dominate abilities, such as Dominate Person and Dominate Monster, will no longer freeze the game.

For quests, the developers have fixed the error that could potentially block your progress in the Devastation quest. On top of that, issues in the quest, A Refuge from the Present, have been resolved. If you have not been able to finish these quests before, now is the best time to do so.

While a lot of problems have been addressed in this update, there are still some known issues left unresolved. If you play on Mac, you will find that your inventory may not work in the first area of the prolog. The devs are already aware of this and are working on a fix.

Patch Highlights

Note: Beware of possible plot spoilers
  • Fixed the issue of getting stuck with Yozz during Greybor's quest in chapter 4
  • Fixed: In some cases, Yozz didn't appear during The Price of Loyalty quest when he should have been there
  • Fixed the issue which could lead to breaking the battle at the Shrine of the Three before it began
  • Fixed: In the house of Wintersun's leader, the characters could get stuck in the doorway sometimes
  • Fixed: In the Nameless Ruins, after interacting with the statue, Nenio and the player could get stuck in the lying animation
  • Fixed (and was also moved to a nearby room): The 4th obelisk in the Ineluctable Prison sometimes couldn't be broken
  • Fixed an error in the dialogue with Odan
  • Fixed generals' Bone Arrow ability in tactical battles
  • Fixed Mass Hideous Laughter in tactical battles
  • Fixed the mechanics of healing in tactical battles
  • Judgment Day now works according to its description
  • Wealth Brings Strength now shows correctly as a global buff and a feat
  • Fixed the issue with Trickster's rank-ups
  • Paladins' ability Smite Evil didn't work correctly if it was used by a couple of paladins on the same target
  • Skald's Damage Reduction didn't stack before you gained a new level
  • Trickster's Knowledge (World) 1 rank didn't work correctly
  • Trickster's Lore (Nature) 3 rank didn't work correctly
  • Trickster's Stealth 3 rank didn't work correctly

You can read the full patch notes here.

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