Path of Exile: Top 3 Features of the Upcoming Scourge League

Path of Exile Scourge Expansion
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Path of Exile will get its next expansion on October 22. Dubbed as Scourge, the new challenge league has a lot to offer. Read on to find out the top features coming this Friday.

The Blood Crucible

If you’re going to partake in the new challenge league when Update 3.16 arrives, you will get an item called the Blood Crucible. This rusty device can be implanted on yourself and it will collect the blood of the monsters you slay.

That said, once enough monster blood has been collected, you can activate the device which will then transport you to an alternate Wraeclast, where an apocalyptic event is occurring. You can only stay in the parallel universe for a short time.

Anyway, the beauty of this new mechanic is that you can place maps and items inside the Blood Crucible. By having enough kills inside the alternate Wraeclast, you will get two unique modifiers that cannot be acquired anywhere else.

While the Scourge challenge league is also available in Standard, Solo Self-Found, and Hardcore modes, those who will play in the Scourge league can complete 40 new challenges. Finish them all to get exciting rewards.

Expedition Becomes a Core Feature

Those who were unable to participate in the previous Expedition league need not worry as the mechanics of Update 3.15 will become a core part of the game. This means you will be able to interact with the Kalguuran Merchants for a chance to haggle and gamble for the items that you want for your builds.

Even though it is exciting that the Expedition mechanic will come to Standard, Cadiro Perandus will be removed from the game entirely. So, some of the items that he offers, as well as the Perandus Coins, will no longer be available once Update 3.16 drops.

Passive Skill Tree Rework and Masteries

When you first started, you were probably daunted by the extremely complex passive skill tree. There are so many nodes to choose from and if you do not follow any specific build guides, you will get lost.

Well, the developers will rework the passive skill tree fully and they will add masteries into the mix. Passive masteries are scattered throughout the skill tree, but giving points to them will certainly make your characters stronger.

While the Scourge expansion is not yet here, these upcoming changes surely look to shake things up.

If you are interested, you can read all of the new things coming in Update 3.16 on the game’s official website.

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