Path of Exile: Patch 3.20.1b Introduces Voidborn Reliquary Keys

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Patch 3.20.1b for Path of Exile is special because it introduces the Voidborn Reliquary Key.

The Voidborn Reliquary Key is an item that grants access to the Voidborn Reliquary. In this area, players can get a random “foil” version of a unique item that was selected by those who bought the most expensive Path of Exile Core Supporter Pack. Players can get something helpful like the Ventor’s Gamble for magic find builds or a Precursor’s Emblem, a very useful ring for those who rely on Frenzy or Endurance Charges. The Voidborn Reliquary Key can drop anywhere in the game.

Aside from that, Patch 3.20.1b changes a few things in the Sanctum. For instance, the Herald of Scourge’s Lightning Waves skill has been rebalanced. The skill now spawns more lightning bolts, but they have become considerably smaller. The damage of the skill has been lowered by 20% as well, so players now have a higher chance of survival when they get hit.

Here are the other changes made in this update:

  • The Death Toll Major Affliction no longer causes monsters to drop no Aureus Coins. Instead, it now causes you to Lose 250 Resolve after completing 8 rooms. This change does not affect existing Sanctum runs.
  • Improved the visibility of the ground degen effect when fighting Lycia, Unholy Heretic.
  • Added an error message for attempting to change your Relics while you have an active Sanctum.
  • Introduced the Voidborn Reliquary Key. The Voidborn Reliquary currently has 1,231 options for foiled Unique items that it can yield. We are still working through the list of submissions from Voidborn Supporters to get the others in as soon as possible.
  • Improved the description of the Sandstorm Visage Unique stat to clarify it only modifies spell critical strike chance of spells, and will not affect spells dealing non-spell damage (such as heralds).
  • Updated various descriptions to clarify which stats only apply to Summon Skeletons, and which apply also to Vaal Summon Skeletons (such as the modifier on Alberon's Warpath). Melee Skeletons from the Vaal Summon Skeletons are now referred to as "Soldiers" rather than "Warriors" in descriptions.
  • The visual effect applied to monsters with modifiers that cause Minions to Fire, Cold, or Lightning Explode on Death has been removed as it caused visual issues in some circumstances.
  • Betrayal crafts that reroll socket numbers, links or colors a certain number of times can no longer be used on items with fixed socket numbers, links or colors respectively.
  • The "Geared Up" achievement no longer requires a Rare or Unique item in the Relic slot.

Path of Exile Patch 3.20.1b is available on PC.

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