Path of Exile: New Core Supporter Packs Added in Patch 3.20.1

The Forbidden Sanctum
The Forbidden Sanctum Twitter/@pathofexile

Patch 3.20.1 for Path of Exile is a pretty massive update that you need to download right away. Aside from Unique Relics and Sanctum improvements, this patch adds new Core Supporter Packs as well. Purchasing any of these cosmetic packs will help support the development of this action RPG.

The cheapest of the bunch is the Tormentor Supporter Pack, which includes the complete Tormentor Armor Set, Poltergeist Shield, Tormented Back Attachment, and Poltergeist Portal Effect. This can all be yours for $60.

If money is not an issue, you can go all out and purchase the Voidborn Supporter Pack for a whopping $480. Buying this not only gives you access to a plethora of in-game cosmetics, but you will also get physical items like the Searing Exarch or Path of Exile Logo Hoodie, as well as a signed art pack.

Voidborn Supporter Pack Hoodies
Voidborn Supporter Pack Hoodies Grinding Gear Games

In addition to the new Core Supporter Packs, Patch 3.20.1 brought improvements to enhance your gameplay experience. For one, metamorph monsters now grant significant amounts of XP. Perhaps it’s time to spec into Metamorph nodes in your Atlas Passive Tree if you want to reach the maximum level in Forbidden Sanctum with only minimal investment .

On top of that, the Balance of Terror Unique Jewel no longer has a level requirement, meaning you can equip it as soon as you unlock a jewel slot on your passive skill tree! This massively improves your defenses in the early game.

Patch Notes

  • Huck now brings along his Rogue Equipment when accompanying you in Maps.
  • You can no longer animation-cancel Vaal Venom Gyre, Vaal Volcanic Fissure, Vaal Blade Flurry, Vaal Caustic Arrow and Vaal Molten Strike before the point in the animation that damage is dealt.
  • Completing the Mastermind's Lair now awards credit toward the Suspicious Syndicate challenge.
  • The Blight Atlas Passives that provided your Maps with Blight Encounters a chance to contain an additional Blight Encounter have irreconcilable issues that result in areas with two Blight Encounters failing to generate reliably, so we have replaced these stats.
  • The small Atlas Passives now provide a "5% chance on Completing your Maps to gain a free use of the Blight Map Crafting Option."
  • The Mycelial Swarm Notable Atlas Passive now provides "Blight Map Crafting Option is always available" and "50% reduced cost of the Blight Map Crafting Option."
  • The values for modifiers anointed on Blighted Maps have been buffed:
    • Clear Oil: 12% reduced Monster Movement Speed (previously 6%).
    • Sepia Oil: Towers deal 25% more Damage (previously 20%).
    • Amber Oil: 25% reduced Cost of Building and Upgrading Towers (previously 20%).
    • Verdant Oil: 45% increased Experience gain (previously 35%).
    • Violet Oil: Lanes of Blight Encounters have 25% chance for an additional Reward Chest (previously 20%).
    • Crimson Oil: Varieties of Items contained in 12 Blight Chests are Lucky (previously 10).
    • Black Oil: 7% chance for Blight Chests to contain an additional Reward (previously 6%).
    • Opalescent Oil: Varieties of Items contained in 18 Blight Chests are Lucky (previously 15).
    • Silver Oil: +80% to Item Quantity (previously +65%).
    • Golden Oil: 30% chance for Blight Chests to contain an additional Reward (previously 25%).
    • Oils also now provide +6% to Monster Pack Size (previously +5%).

Path of Exile Patch 3.20.1 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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