Path of Exile Crucible Expansion Now Live on PC

Can you survive the Crucible?
Can you survive the Crucible? Grinding Gear Games

The Crucible expansion for Path of Exile is now live on PC and it comes with a lot of new content for everyone to enjoy. Players can also look forward to the Crucible Challenge League. The expansion is coming to consoles this April 12.

One of the highlights of the new expansion is the three pairs of Atlas Gateways for the Atlas passive skill tree. By allocating an Atlas Gateway, players can allocate its connected Gateway on the other side of the Atlas. After that, any Atlas passive skills can be connected from there.

There are also nine new Vaal Skill Gems introduced:

  • Vaal Absolution
  • Vaal Animate Weapon
  • Vaal Arctic Armour
  • Vaal Domination
  • Vaal Firestorm
  • Vaal Ice Shot
  • Vaal Lightning Arrow
  • Vaal Reap
  • Vaal Rejuvenation Totem

New Support Gems

  • Snipe (Dexterity Skill Gem)
    • Channel to charge up the bow and gain stages.
    • Release to trigger one supported bow skill for each stage gained.
    • If there are no supported skills, but at least one stage was gained, this skill fires its own arrow instead.
    • Cannot be used by Totems.
  • Manaforged Arrows (Dexterity/Intelligence Support Gem)
    • Supports bow attack skills which cause them to trigger when players have spent an amount of total mana on other bow attacks based on the supported skill's mana cost.
    • Supported skills deal more damage based on their mana cost.
    • Cannot modify the skills of minions.
  • Prismatic Burst (Intelligence Support Gem)
    • Supports attacks and causes them to trigger the Prismatic Burst spell.
    • Cannot support triggered attacks or attacks used by things other than the player.
    • Cannot modify the skills of minions.
    • Prismatic Burst chooses an element at random and deals damage of that type in an area.
    • Having higher strength makes it more likely to choose fire, higher dexterity makes it more likely to choose cold, and higher intelligence makes it more likely to choose lightning.
  • Momentum (Dexterity/Strength Support Gem)
    • Supports attack skills that aren't triggered.
    • Using those skills grant Momentum, which is lost when the players move (including teleporting).

Crucible Challenge League

The Crucible Challenge League is a way for players to get that much needed fresh start in a new economy. In this one, they discover the ancient titans which once shaped the primordial surface of Wraeclast. For those strong enough, they can earn the ability to forge their power on their weapons.

Crucible Forges are scattered all across Wraeclast. Players who find one can choose one of their weapons and channel the power of the ancient titans to spawn a challenging encounter. The longer the players channel for, the more the molten monsters merge together to form more fearsome foes. Basically, players are in control of the difficulty and reward of these encounters.

Check out what else the new expansion has to offer here. Path of Exile is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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