Park Beyond: New Trailer Features Characters and Modular Building

Opening soon.
Opening soon. Bandai Namco

A new trailer of Park Beyond has been released which showcases characters from the main campaign of the game. It also gives us a look at modular building and how it can help in customization. This theme park management game is set to be released in 2023 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Check out the trailer below:

Park Beyond is a game where players are challenged to build and manage their very own amusement park. However, it offers a twist where nothing is impossible. Called “Impossification,” it’s an ability that gives players complete freedom in creating a world where money, technology, and even gravity, are not considered an obstacle.

Modular Placement System

One of the features of the game is the modular placement system. It lets players tweak rides by simply manipulating different attributes, such as inclines, yaw, pitch, roll, and loops. Players can then “Impossify” their creations even further using modules like a cannon that let vault riders go across large gaps.

The modular building system also gives players the freedom to customize and design shops, decorations, and facilities, for the park of their dreams.


Park Beyond also offers players various themes like Western, DaVinci, and Candyville. Players have the choice to design themed districts, and those who are feeling a bit adventurous can mix and match the thousands of elements that the game has to offer. Simply put, almost an infinite number of possibilities.

Rounding off the experience of turning players into visionary architects is letting them share their work with others around the world through any platform. In addition, player-generated creations like shops, coasters, and even entire parks will also be available for all players to enjoy.

Fun and Profit

The game offers players an original story powered by their imagination. They won’t be alone in building the part of their dreams since a host of colorful and passionate characters are guiding them. Remember that it’s not just about fun as you have to balance everything with profitability and business expectations. Make sure that the park is financially successful.

What do you think? Ready to make the amusement park of your dreams?

Learn more about Park Beyond here.

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