PARANORMASIGHT: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo Coming to PC and Nintendo Switch on March

Solve the mystery.
Solve the mystery. Square Enix

PARANORMASIGHT: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo is launching on PC through Steam on March 8 and Nintendo Switch on March 9. This single-player supernatural mystery-adventure offers players a 2D visual novel with a unique style.

The game is set in Sumida City of Tokyo during the Showa Period (1926 to 1989). It offers a multi-layered collection of spine-chilling ghost stories focused on various protagonists that have the “power of curses”. By taking on the viewpoint of different cursed characters, players investigate the mysteries of Honjo.

During the day, players can explore the mysterious areas of the city, solve puzzles, and find new clues to help discover more about the mysteries behind the seven deadly curses. However, at night, they’ll need to hunt other cursed bearers or they'll be the ones hunted.

Players need to master control of their own powers while finding ways on how not to fall foul to predators during this supernatural ordeal.

Players can look forward to traveling through the haunted underbelly of Honjo and get immersed in selected areas through ambient, panoramic views of Sumida City. All of the views are taken from real-life scenery using a 360-degree camera with the full cooperation and support of the Sumida City Tourism Division, the local museum, the tourist association, and the local community.

Key game features are:

  • Conduct investigations in Showa Japan.
    • It's depicted through immersive and ambient 360 backgrounds.
    • It's made possible with the full support and cooperation of:
      • Sumida City Tourism Division.
      • The local museum.
      • The tourist association.
      • The local community.
    • Real-life scenery from Sumida has been photographed with a 360° camera and recreated as photo spheres that cover the entire sky and surroundings.
  • Unravel the mysteries of Honjo through investigation and conversations with many interesting and suspicious characters.
  • Players need to be sure to pick up all crucial clues and choose their movements carefully.
  • Explore a story that twists and turns through multiple points of view and find ways to reveal new pieces of information.
  • Navigate strategic gameplay and choose to either deploy your curses at the opportune moment or risk being cursed yourself.

Can you survive the horror?

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