Life is Strange 2 Coming to Nintendo Switch February 2

Coming soon to a new platform.
Coming soon to a new platform. Square Enix

The award-winning Life is Strange 2 is finally coming to Nintendo Switch. The wait won’t be long either since the official launch is on February 2. For those who want to get ahead, pre-orders are now being accepted at the Nintendo eShop.

A New Adventure

Life is Strange 2 offers players a narrative adventure where their decisions not only influence the story but also the characters. The game has players take on the role of Sean Diaz, a sixteen-year-old normal kid who’s growing up in the suburbs of Seattle. One day, his younger brother Daniel experiences a traumatic incident which helped unleash his telekinetic powers.

As a result, Sean and Daniel now have to abandon their home and flee from the police. Being the big brother, Sean is now responsible for the safety, shelter, and wellbeing of Daniel. In addition, Sean has to help his younger brother harness his power as they travel across the US and try to cross the border to Mexico.

Check Out the Game

Life Is Strange 2 was first released in September 2018 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game was divided into five episodes released on different dates, which were Roads (September 2018), Rules (January 2019), Wastelands (May 2019), Faith (August 2019), and Wolves (December 2019). The game has mainly received positive reviews with critics citing the story, choice-based gameplay, and relationship between the brothers.

Arcadia Collection

In addition to Life is Strange 2, Nintendo Switch players can also add the previous game, Life is Strange, to their collection via Life is Strange Arcadia Bay Collection, available for $39.99 at the Nintendo eShop.

For this version, players can look forward to remastered visuals and animation that bring new life to the great cast of characters and gripping stories. This collection comes with Life is Strange Remastered and Life is Strange: Before the Storm Remastered. Features include:

  • Remastered visuals across characters and environments.
  • Vastly improved character animation using full facial mocap performance.
    • Life is Strange Remastered only.
  • Updated and refined gameplay puzzles.
  • Engine and lighting upgrades.
  • Choice and consequence driven stories with multiple endings.
  • Harness the power of Max’s rewind ability or Chloe’s quick-witted attitude to change the course of events.
  • Distinct licensed soundtrack and original scores.

Are you ready for a new adventure on Nintendo Switch?

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