Oxygen Not Included January 10 Hotfix Goes on a Bug-Squashing Mission, Patch Notes Here

Oxygen Not Included
Oxygen Not Included Steam/Klei Entertainment

Oxygen Not Included, a survival simulation game by Klei Entertainment, just got a little less buggy. Hotfix 537329 went live a few hours ago and it was focused heavily on bug squashing.

The Spaced Out game version received one specific fix. Conduction Panels will no longer behave weirdly depending on the number of asteroids visited and rockets built. All the other fixes are applied to every game version. You can read the changelog below.

  • Fixed Laboratory room sometimes failing to detect a working light when a non-working light is also inside the room.
  • Fixed Geotuner sidescreen not allowing more than 5 Geotuners to select the "No geyser selected” option.
  • Fixed crash that could sometimes happen when deconstructing a statue or painting.
  • Fixed Pips looking like they are carrying a seed all the time.
  • Fixed issue allowing decor bonuses from previous artworks to stack when an artwork's style selection was changed.
  • Fixed Somnium Synthesizer story trait Pajamas not displaying correctly after being equipped.
  • Blueprints
    • Fixed Puft Bed layering issues when a Duplicant is disturbed while sleeping.
    • Fixed Dreamboat, Puft Bed, and Bouncy Castle beds looking built before the construction errand is complete.
    • Copy building tool will now select the default version of the building if the copied item's blueprint is not owned.
    • Fixed issue preventing selected blueprints from applying to buildings placed as replacements to other buildings.
  • Mysterious Hermit story trait
    • If a Duplicant dies while knocking at the door, it’s now possible for another Duplicant to complete the chore without reloading the save.
    • Fixed crash when removing food from the Mailbox while the hermit is retrieving it.
    • Disabling/enabling the Gravitas Shipping Container during the same session the story trait was completed no longer crashes.
    • Game no longer crashes when completing the story trait while the hermit checks the mail.
  • Conduction Panel
    • Fixed a bug where Conduction Panels built behind a Manual Airlock or Mechanized Airlock door would crash when the door closes.
    • Deconstructing a Conduction Panel behind a Pitcher Pump no longer crashes.
    • Fixed a bug where a building would not stop overheating when cooled below its overheating temperature using a Conduction Panel.

The complete changelog of Oxygen Not Included January 10 Hotfix is available on Steam.

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