Oxygen Not Included Update v466411: New Features, Resources Improvements, and More

Oxygen Not Included  Update
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Oxygen Not Included recently received a new update that adds new features and makes tons of changes.

The ores and bottles will work a little differently now as they can produce additional elements during phase transitions. The bottles of contaminated water will make both dirt and steam when heated, which makes it more realistic for a survival game.

Oxygen Not Included Update v466411 (Mine the Gap)


  • Added Space POI locations with renewable resources.
  • Added Drillcone rocket module for harvesting space POIs.
  • Added Diamond Press building for converting refined carbon to diamond.
  • Restored artifacts to Spaced Out! and distributed them to new terrestrial POIs.
  • Added Artifact transport module for moving artifacts between worlds.
  • Added ability to toggle specific diagnostic criteria in the diagnostics screen.
  • Add CustomGameSetting to toggle Teleporters.
  • Added sounds to plant mutations.
  • Added Botanical Analyzer sounds + duplicant interact sounds.
  • Added sounds for second Spaced Out! main menu duplicant.

Changes and Improvements

  • Many POI buildings are now demolishable by skilled duplicants.
  • Bottled Gasses and Liquids can now condense/freeze.
  • Foods in vacuum now use exclusively their internal temperature to decide if they are refrigerated or not.
  • Replaced Atomic Collider with Materials Study Terminal.
  • Tech tree changes include adding new categories, moving buildings, and adjusting tier costs so they scale better.
  • Changed visual order of unlocked items within a research tech.
  • Radbolt generators can be configured to emit at up to 500 particle intervals.
  • Radbolt tuning changes to prevent obvious feedback loops. Some radiation is emitted in the form of fallout on impacts.
  • Added meter to Radbolt Generator.
  • Asteroid selector rows display a status item based on pertinent diagnostics.
  • Added "remaining cargo capacity" status items to rockets in flight with cargo modules.
  • Updated codex strings from several Biomes.
  • Updated codex entries for several plants.
  • Added additional codex lore entries.
  • Updated Korean and Russian translations.
  • Rocket visual takeoff speed is now based on rocket height rather than module count. Also re-tuned the takeoff acceleration curves.
  • Small tweaks to rocket exhaust animations.
  • Added a two-second "landing cooldown" where rockets keep igniting while they’re on the pad.
  • Added rocket engine shutoff animations.

You can read more about the update here.

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