Oxygen Not Included: Sweet Dreams Update Introduces the Story Traits System

Sweet Dreams Update
Sweet Dreams Update Klei Entertainment

The Sweet Dreams Update for the colony management sim Oxygen Not Included dropped not too long ago. This content patch adds the new Story Traits system, available on the game’s user interface.

Story Traits are a collection of interactive points of interest buried deep inside asteroids. There are two Story Traits added in the Sweet Dreams Update. The first is called the Somnium Synthesizer - a machine that analyzes the dreams of the Duplicants. It requires Dream Journals, along with some materials to power it. A Dream Journal drops every 300 seconds and players need 25 of those to use the Somnium Synthesizer.

Once powered up, the Somnium Synthesizer provides Duplicants with some stat bonuses that remain active no matter where they are.

The other Story Trait in Oxygen Not Included’s latest update is the Critter Flux-O-Matic. This thing needs to analyze the data of five different critter species, so players must feed the appropriate number to the machine to get things started.

When the Critter Flux-O-Matic is ready to go, the machine can transform base critters into random variants of their species.

Patch Notes

  • Added Kitchen room type.
  • Added Spice Grinder building (Freshener Spice recipe, Brawny Spice recipe, Machinist Spice recipe).
  • Spaced Out! Only:
    • Added Smog Slug critter morph.
    • Added Sponge Slug critter morph.
    • Added Rocketeer Spice recipe to Spice Grinder.
All versions
  • Critters now queue for ranching while another Critter is being groomed.
  • Build menu shows room requirement information such as Industrial Machine and Recreational Building.
  • Hand Sanitizer no longer requires Bleach Stone to build; instead, it must be delivered after being built.
  • Clothing Refashionator fabrication errands now rely on the Decorating errand type.
  • Duplicant helmets are now visible in suit fabrication UI for recipes that produce equipment with helmets.
  • Added scrollbar to overlay legend UI.
  • Made camera panning speed consistent regardless of frame rate.
  • Added the ability to toggle "Spiced Food Only" in the Refrigerator.
Spaced Out! Only
  • It is now possible to rename Spaced Out! rockets by selecting their command module or selecting them in the Starmap while in flight.
  • Plug Slugs
    • Plug Slugs now have a refined metal diet in addition to metal ore.
    • Plug Slugs become drowsy just before nighttime and start finding a place to sleep.
    • Plug Slugs no longer drown.
  • Tuning Changes:
    • Happiness no longer affects power efficiency.
    • Simplified hunger levels and increased their efficiency. They produce full power when more than 50% full.
    • When tamed, their minimum power output is 40W—the same as when wild.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging was not properly disabled during auto saving, causing build and dig commands to stretch across the asteroid.
  • Fixed Pacus stuck falling when trying to eat from a feeder with a small amount of water above it.
  • Fixed multiple meteor showers sometimes occurring at the same time.
  • Stuck packets in a Thermo Regulator storage no longer transfer heat directly. This makes it consistent with how the Aquatuner works.
  • Disabled unused elements Electrum, Propane, Syngas.

Oxygen Not Included Sweet Dreams Update is available on PC.

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