Overwatch: Sigma’s Ultimate Got a Game-Breaking Bug

Overwatch - Sigma
Overwatch - Sigma Blizzard Entertainment

Sigma is an incredible Overwatch tank due to his versatility in combat. He can engage enemies and defend allies effectively. To balance this, developers gave Sigma’s abilities lengthy cooldowns. It is up to the player to wisely choose the best ability in a given situation.

Recently, Blizzard released an Overwatch patch to seriously nerf certain heroes. While some players are busy figuring things out, others found something more interesting: a new bug with Sigma. The bug enables the hero to lift enemies outside the radius of his ultimate. At this time, Blizzard hasn’t released a hotfix for the problem.

Before we go into the bug itself, let’s have a quick review of his ultimate – Gravitic Flux. On the official site, the ultimate let Sigma take flight and lift enemies in a targeted area. Then, he can launch them into the sky before slamming them back to the ground.

If a Sigma player is good, they can use it to create openings for their team or turn the tables around. The maximum range of Gravitic Flux is 35 meters, while the area of effect is seven meters in radius. If you’ve encountered Sigma several times, you may know the estimated AOE of his ultimate during fights.

A Redditor uploaded a video to show others what the bug is, and they used Sigma to highlight that problem. First, they cast Sigma’s ultimate and targeted it around the D.Va test dummy. Then, they moved the radius highlighter just a little south to prove their point. The clip definitely showed that the target is outside Gravitic Flux. When the ultimate was cast, the dummy got lifted into the air and slammed back to the ground like normal.

So, what’s the big deal about it? Simple. Any excellent player of Sigma can cast the ability more conveniently. Since the bug “expands” the radius of Gravitic Flux, they don’t have to accurately throw it to catch enemies. And don’t forget, its casting time is only 0.7 seconds.

Players, however, are divided on the issue. One Redditor said that hitboxes may work as such in Overwatch. Another commented that the visual may look smaller than the actual hitbox. Well, the Sigma player is seeing things happen in first-person. If developers can test the hitbox using an aerial view, they may determine whether there’s a real bug. And when they do, expect a fix to come out soon.

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