Overwatch Cosplayer Nails Brigitte's Shield

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An Overwatch cosplayer constructs a stunning Brigitte shield.
An Overwatch cosplayer constructs a stunning Brigitte shield. Blizzard

It is really interesting to see how Overwatch cosplayers continue to push the boundaries of the craft. A cosplayer based in Australia posted what might just be one of the best depictions of Brigitte’s shield. The cosplayer is none other than AltF4Cosplay and she posted a picture her completed shield from Brigitte’s very own “Shieldmaiden” skin. In case you did know, here is how the shield looks in Overwatch:

Brigitte's shield in her Shieldmaiden skin.
Brigitte's shield in her Shieldmaiden skin. Blizzard

And here is the version from AltF4Cosplay. It is without a doubt a brilliant shield, one that even lights up:

In an interview, AltF4Cosplay said that the shield is made of pure Acrylic plastic. It comes with a hexagon pattern similar to the in-game version, but is laser-etched.

“I then removed a small circle in the center, behind where the armor would be, for the lights and power pack. The lighting system is an Arduino (a mini computer) and a rechargeable mobile phone battery pack, programmed to have the lights turn in and off in a circular pattern,” she said in the interview.

AltF4Cosplay then added a simple leather strap and metal handle, both of which were drilled into the shield just under the armor pieces so she can carry it. For AltF4Cosplay, it was one of the “funniest builds” she had ever done.

In related news, former Overwatch pro player Seagull explained his reason for not liking the current meta. According to him, he does not dare touch it.

Seagull shared the same sentiment that other pro players have experienced with the current Overwatch meta. For these players, it takes them almost an hour to queue in matches. Seagull also said that the game right now is all about using heroes with shields, seemingly suggesting that the days of DPS-packed matches are gone.

Ever since Blizzard introduced the 2-2-2 Role Queues, it has affected the overall gameplay experience of some players, particularly those in the higher tiers. Much like Seagull’s experience, their queues eat up so much of their time that they would rather leave. Even more so, they could barely play games as a DPS hero.

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