Overwatch Pro Seagull Talks About Not Touching Current Meta

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Seagull is known for being one of the best Genji players in the Overwatch scene.
Seagull is known for being one of the best Genji players in the Overwatch scene. Overwatch League

Seagull is best known for being one of the most exceptional Genji players in the Overwatch scene. Being a strong DPS-hero fan, the pro player shares his views on why he does not like the current meta.

It is no secret that the current Overwatch meta is packed with heroes full of shield abilities. We have Reinhardt and Orisa on top of the rankings, not to mention the fact that the latest addition – Sigma – is a tank hero. Sadly, this meta has significantly put fans and players of DPS heroes on the backburner.

The implementation of the 2-2-2 Role Lock has somehow made queue times ridiculously longer. In fact, as we have reported here before, Twitch streamers are beginning to experience long hours of waiting, forcing them to steer clear from the game.

Seagull, a former Overwatch League pro player under the Dallas Fuel umbrella, managed to become one of the first break-out stars in the scene. In pub games, he is best known for his sophisticated approach towards the ninja-cyborg hero Genji. Despite being known for his optimism and never-say-die attitude, Seagull is ironically discouraged by the idea of playing Overwatch in its current meta. He even went to call it “dogsh*t.”

In an attempt to put into words his disappointment, Seagull explained that if he is to play the game, he would only do so “one game per hour.”

“One game per hour and it’s double shield Sigma. What do I even do about that? I would love to play the game but the meta sucks,” Seagull claimed.

The Genji pro said that he would wait at least 45 minutes just to find a match. As of this writing, he has yet to complete his placements. “I used to be DPS 4500/4600, those queue times would be multiple hours long. You literally can’t even get games as DPS,” he said.

Seagull further explained that the current meta is packed with heroes like Moira, Lucio, Orisa, and Sigma. Every competitive lobby he has joined so far had the same heroes over and over. As such, he would “rather just not play” and “wait for the next patch.”

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