Overwatch June Patch Fixes Ashe And Torbjorn Bugs

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Overwatch: Ashe and B.O.B.
Overwatch: Ashe and B.O.B. Blizzard

Patch for Overwatch has officially gone live, and brings with it fixes for five heroes. Released on June 3, the update also makes some changes to Deathmatch games.

With regards to Deathmatch games, the update fixed an issue that resulted in matches being cancelled when there were fewer than seven players left. As such, Deathmatch games are now going to be cancelled only when there are less than four players left. The patch also made sure that the quick play leaver penalty now works as intended when it comes to Deathmatch modes.

For the heroes, Brigitte had her Anniversary voice line changed from "Take a hike" to "Get out of here." Roadhog also had his Anniversary voice changed. Instead of "You're a talker. I don't like talkers," it is now "I'm beached as, bro."

D.Va meanwhile had the decal on her Academy skin changed from "판결자" to "가디언".

It also looks as if the latest patch gave Ashe a nerf. The update fixed a bug where Ashe wasn't able to gain any ultimate charge while B.O.B. existed.

Back in May, a patch was released that didn't include Ashe. However after that, players noticed that a change had occurred that was not in the notes. Particularly, it appeared that Ashe experienced a nerf to the rate she charges B.O.B. Since she wasn't able to earn any ultimate charge as long as B.O.B. was active, it meant that her rate of regaining her ultimate was reduced. Back then, players were unsure is this particular change was deliberate, a fix for what may have been a long-standing mistake, or even an accidental tweak.

It appears that Blizzard has been listening to the community considering that this problem has been fixed. This should give players some small breather.

Another fix in the patch regards the bug that allowed Torbjorn’s turret to shoot through walls in certain locations.

Similar to the Ashe bug, this one was also detected back in May. It was found out that in certain areas of Dorado and Volskaya Industries, Torbjorn's turret could fire through walls. With 14 damage a shot and four shots per second, this is really something players need to deal with. In the Dorado map, the "bugged" position isn't nearly as bad as the one in Volskaya. In Volskaya, the turret could be placed in a spot that gives it a perfect view leading to the first point.

Hopefully the fix has eliminated all such areas.

Additional changes include fixing a bug that resulted in the voice lines to stop playing in the Hero Gallery after playing 128 of them. The patch also makes changes to localization by adding the remaining Japanese translations for Anniversary unlocks and Workshop content.

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