Overwatch Anniversay Event Introduces Week-Long Free Trial

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The highly-celebrated team-based first-person shooter game is turning three years old.
The highly-celebrated team-based first-person shooter game is turning three years old. Overwatch Official Website

Overwatch has managed to become one of the most highly celebrated games today. Since its inception, the game has maintained a strong pool of players. Now, the team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game is turning three years old.

As expected, every year on its anniversary, the game introduces an in-game event that adds a number of seasonal modes. This also means that players can finally unlock skins they have missed during previous events. As for new players, this is an opportunity to scoop up some new cosmetics.

Blizzard announced the return of the Overwatch anniversary event via Twitter. The event kicks off today, May 21st, and it lasts around three weeks. In other words, the event will end come June 10th.

As of press time, the studio has yet to reveal any interesting details about the event. Reports suggest that at least three new epic skins and six new legendary ones will be included. This is also a perfect time for players to start unlocking things they have not obtained before.

Blizzard has managed to keep everything under wraps in terms of the promised returning modes. But, as expected, the studio will rotate modes daily in the Arcade. Overwatch players who decide to log in during the event can acquire a legendary look box simply for just booting up the game. So, for players who barely play the game now, it might be a good idea to hop on for a minute and get some interesting cosmetics from the anniversary event.

Interestingly, the studio has made the event even more worthwhile for new players. That is because Blizzard will make Overwatch free-to-play for the entire week. Players who have not decided to buy the game yet can see what there is to offer through May 28th. Of course, it is hard to suggest that there are many uninterested people out there. But to anyone who wants to give the game a try, a week-long test spin is something they should consider.

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