Overwatch: Fans Disappointed with Ashe's New Skin

Overwatch Ashe Deadlock Skin
Overwatch Ashe Deadlock Skin Blizzard

Blizzard has recently released a new limited-time event for Overwatch and it introduces a new skin for Ashe. Unfortunately, the fans are not impressed with it at all.

After an update was released a couple of days ago, Overwatch players can partake in the Deadlock Challenge where they have a chance of getting a new Deadlock skin for Ashe.

For those who are not aware of the mechanics, players can participate in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade games. There will be rewards that are waiting for you once you reach certain thresholds.

When you play nine games, you will get the Deadlock Ashe Player Icon while playing 18 games leads to the Outlaws Spray. Lastly, playing 27 games will give you Ashe’s new skin. This is actually up from the nine original games in previous limited-time events.

Although it’s always nice to unlock a new costume in the game, many fans found the new skin disappointing.

A Flat Look

Ashe’s Deadlock skin is supposed to be a throwback to her early days. In fact, players were expecting the design to be based on the Overwatch Deadlock Rebels novel.

That said, while most of the things are similar, there is one stark difference: her hair. When you compare Ashe’s design in the novel to her new skin, you will find that the hair is just too different. The former has more of a cascading waterfall design and the latter has a more flat look.

The developers' design didn't excite fans even in the slightest. In fact, because they’re so disappointed, one Redditor took it upon themselves to create their Deadlock version of the character.

A quick glance would tell you that the edited design is more reminiscent of her look in the novel. A lot of people actually praise the design by saying that it is “dope,” though others are saying that the original is not too bad at all.

One user said that the reason why she got flatter hair in the game is that her “original” look might mess up her silhouette too much, which would create confusion about Ashe’s hitbox, among other things.

Another user chimed in and said that they do not mind that Ashe’s Deadlock skin looks flat, but that it just looks stiffer compared to the other female heroes in the game.

What do you think? Do you agree with the others that Ashe’s look in the game should closely resemble her design in the novel? Or are you okay with her new Deadlock skin?

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