Overwatch: Deadlock Challenge for Ashe Launches Soon

Overwatch Ashe
Overwatch Ashe Blizzard

Blizzard has recently announced a new event for Ashe, which would seem to indicate that players can have a chance of unlocking items specific to her, among other things.

Overwatch players can expect something really special this week as the company recently teased the Deadlock Challenge event.

Although specific details about the event are not yet released at the time of writing, the company did show a video showcasing a silhouette of Ashe.

Players will likely have the chance of unlocking Ashe’s skin from her earlier days in the Deadlock Gang. If you can remember, McCree’s Deadlock look resembles the younger version of himself, so a younger Ashe may arrive in the game soon.

Aside from that, you may also receive some new skins and emotes by participating in activities unlocked during the Deadlock event.

It would be interesting to see if the devs will also introduce a new outfit for Ashe’s robotic butler, Bob. Seeing that Bob is part of the hero’s kit, it might likewise have a makeover to complement its master’s looks.

The Deadlock Event

Ashe’s special event will start on June 22 and will end on July 5. That means there are only two weeks to complete the challenges to get any event-exclusive items.

On Twitter, Overwatch fans cannot contain their excitement about the upcoming event. It is nice that the devs are doing this because some of the things announced about the game’s sequel, Overwatch 2, have somewhat divided the community.

So, what are the possible things that the event could offer? If similar events in the past are anything to go by, you could unlock a special spray after winning six times on Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade. Winning nine times might reward you with a new skin, hopefully, for Ashe. Though this might be hard for people to do, you got two weeks to play the upcoming event, which may be enough time to complete everything.

It is also possible that the devs will use a different approach this time around. The event objectives may be dissimilar from challenge events in the past.

Don't forget, Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge will launch Tuesday.

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