Overwatch 2 Twitch Streamer Seagull Stunned by Insane 5,000 Damage

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Kiriko continues to be a favorite even after her ultimate got nerfed in the latest patch.
Kiriko continues to be a favorite even after her ultimate got nerfed in the latest patch. Blizzard

It has been a week since Blizzard introduced the second season of Overwatch 2. While some are clearly enjoying the new stuff, a growing number of players are expressing their frustration toward the meta.

Roadhog, for instance, has now become the ultimate go-to, meta tank. As a matter of fact, it is now easier for the hero to handle those he could barely go toe-to-toe with before, such as Sigma and Winston. Heck, even the newly-buffed Doomfist gets easily thrown down.

The current meta also allows Kiriko to work really well with Roadhog. This is simply because the former’s ability to cleanse status effects allows Overwatch 2 heroes like Roadhog counter skills like Ana’s Bionade. It is no wonder why both Kiriko and Roadhog have quickly become a staple in the game, most especially in high-ranked matches, and this is exactly what the former Overwatch League pro and Twitch streamer Seagull has to deal with.

While in Midtown, Seagull tries to defend his position against Kiriko who is gradually gaining an advantage while using her ultimate, Kitsune Rush, using Symmetra’s massive Photon Barrier.

Now, keep in mind that the barrier is no joke – it has 4,000 HP! That is the most of any shield in Overwatch 2, and to further add insult to injury, Kiriko’s ultimate gets combined with Roadhog’s ultimate Whole Hog. No wonder Seagull just expressed his disappointment.

Sure, even before the update, Roadhog’s ultimate is already known to deal massive damage in a span of six seconds. However, when combined with the Kitsune Rush, the damage becomes astronomical, thanks to the 50% higher fire rate.

“Within a second he broke the wall,” Seagull said. “What? That is 5,000 damage, by the way.”

Since Kiriko’s release, the Overwatch 2 hero’s ultimate has been one of the most popular in the game and the clip below just proves the narrative. Although Blizzard indeed nerfed the support hero’s ultimate in the recent patch, it is still considered powerful.

It remains to be seen whether or not Overwatch 2 devs will do something about it. In the meantime, players might just want to take advantage of this combo.

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