Overwatch 2 Broken Voice Lines Stir Confusion Among Players

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Blizzard's new communication update has introduced a broken voice line.
Blizzard's new communication update has introduced a broken voice line. Blizzard

Overwatch 2 recently received a major update that brought a deluge of features. One of the major changes that came with it was the updated communication wheel mechanic, which was first introduced in the first game. Unfortunately, the update proves to be a double-edged sword as it has brought both improvement and confusion to the game.

The logic behind the communication voice lines is pretty much straightforward. Even the changes added were supposed to be an improvement and additional incentive to Blizzard’s first-person shooter gamer. Alas, the update only resulted in confusion as voice lines have now become context-sensitive.

A perfect example is when selecting the “Group Up” command from the communications menu. Essentially, it is meant to inform your teammates to group up and enter the battlefield or area together. When the voice line is selected and the player aims at the ground, the spot would be pinged and the character would say “Group Up.”

But if Overwatch 2 players aim near a dead teammate as Mercy while they select “Group Up,” the hero would say, “I’m going to resurrect them, cover me!” This obviously defeats the purpose and only leads to rather confusing moments – an area that players always find quite frustrating.

A good number of players are actually not aware of the context-sensitive nature of the new communication lines. That is why most users think they are just “random” voice lines that do not make sense.

One Redditor said: “I tried this with Soldier and he goes ‘come to me for healing!’”

It is obvious that Blizzard wants to give the Overwatch 2 community more communication options and depth to the system. That way, players who do not want to use the microphone can simply resort to using the voice lines to express themselves. Ironically, the gist behind it all was never communicated.

It is unclear whether Blizzard will do something about the contextual ping system in Overwatch 2. But as more players notice and complain about the issue, one can expect the studio to take action, albeit on an unknown timeline.

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