Overwatch 2 New Patch Buffs Moira and Detractors are Furious

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Moira is one of the heroes Blizzard buffed in its latest patch for Overwatch 2.
Moira is one of the heroes Blizzard buffed in its latest patch for Overwatch 2. Blizzard

Moira is without a doubt one of the most popular support heroes in Overwatch 2. If you love playing the hero, then you are going to love the newly released patch. But if you are a Moira detractor, well, for sure you might not like what Blizzard just introduced.

The new Overwatch 2 update introduced the limited-time, Greek-themed event Battle for Olympus. While the patch came with several bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements, Moira is one of the few that got buffed, which is certainly not helping her already controversial status in the game.

The second iteration of Blizzard’s popular first-person shooter no longer follows the old 6v6 format. This change in the match format significantly made the gameplay faster than it used to be. Unfortunately, this has also made support heroes problematic as some tend to take on the mantle but would actually never resort to healing teammates; and Moira is getting all the limelight with the way her skill kit is built.

For starters, she has a skill called Bionic Grasp that sucks the life out of her enemies. Then she has the fade ability, allowing her to go in and out of the heat of battle with ease. This, in particular, makes her almost impossible to eliminate. Not only can she deal 10,000 damage, but she can also double that amount in healing. With the amount of healing she does in a game, you can really understand why it is troubling why the hero does not heal her allies.

In the new Overwatch 2 patch, however, she needs to do more damage to perform more healing.

“Dealing damage with Biotic Orb now restores a small amount of Biotic Energy,” the patch notes said.

The aforementioned simply means that Moira’s damage orb, which sucks enemy health, can now restore some of her healing output. Before, she can only restore her healing output by sucking enemy health (or by waiting for the healing bar to be filled again). Now, with the new change, Blizzard wants Moira to do even more damage if she wants to heal more.

Twitch streamer Hoshizora explains it best that this change is “weird” as while it seems to encourage Moira players to heal more, it is likely to do the “opposite.”

Of course, it is still too early to tell and there is a possibility that Blizzard would introduce changes to Moira in the future – or maybe not. For now, players will have to make do with what the recent patch has introduced.

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