Overwatch 2: Latest Update Finally Fixes Kiriko's Swift Step Exploit

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There’s no denying that Kiriko is one of the best heroes ever introduced in Overwatch 2. This cute support hero has the tools necessary to not only provide support and healing to her teammates but also give her the power to escape when the going gets tough. However, she might have been so useful that some players were able to utilize her Swift Step in a way not originally intended.

Swift Step is one of Kiriko’s abilities that allow her to teleport directly to an ally after a brief casting animation. Normally, if she’s carrying something, that object is dropped at her location when she teleports. However, there was a bug that caused her to send the Flag in Capture the Flag game mode directly to her teleport destination, rather than dropping it where the ability was activated.

Capture the Flag is a casual arcade game mode in Overwatch 2, so there’s nothing huge at stake here. But it's still quite annoying nevertheless. Fortunately, Blizzard is on top of the situation and has finally resolved this issue in the latest update.

While the company has fixed one bug, it seems that Blizzard may have caused another that’s even more pressing. According to some players, Kiriko’s Swift Step no longer cleanses negative effects after updating to the latest version. Hopefully, Blizzard can address this very soon.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed a bug with Souvenirs being incorrectly placed on Ramattra
  • Fixed an issue with Kiriko's Ofuda displaying black textures during her Whirlwind emote
  • Fixed an issue with Reaper's animations when ending his "Take a knee" emote
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in some users seeing a black screen as their Main Menu background
  • Fixed a bug that caused "Group Up" to say "I'm on my way" in unintended circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue on some consoles that resulted in blurry graphics
  • Fixed an issue where some players were not able to invite across certain consoles
  • Fixed some performance issues in the Hero Gallery on Console platforms
  • Resolved an issue where Daily Challenges were not rolling over for some users
  • Bastion
    • Fixed an issue where Bastion's sound effects could loop at the location of death
    • Fixed an issue where Bastion's whole screen would turn yellow when healed by a Brigitte Repair Pack
  • Mercy
    • Fixed Mercy's Guardian Angel sometimes allowing her to escape Ramattra's Ravenous Vortex
  • Ramattra
    • Fixed an issue with missing assets on Ramattra's Hero Information page
    • Fixed an issue with Ramattra's Primary Fire effects not displaying the correct amount of projectiles for other players
    • Ramattra should now play rumble effects on gamepads/controllers
    • Ramattra can no longer have more than one barrier active at a time. Note: This could not happen in standard modes, only Custom Game or modes with low cooldowns

Overwatch 2 January 5 Update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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