New Widowmaker Skin in Overwatch 2 Puts Players at a Disadvantage

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The Battle for Olympus is a new limited-time event in Overwatch 2.
The Battle for Olympus is a new limited-time event in Overwatch 2. Blizzard

Just recently, Blizzard introduced a new limited-time event in Overwatch 2 called Battle for Olympus. Ever since its release, players have been unlocking all Greek-themed hero skins. Alas, the Widowmaker skin is creating some really pressing issues.

Cosmetics or skins in video games are not supposedly designed to provide players with advantages or disadvantages, unless the developers stated otherwise. In Overwatch 2, these are solely cosmetics and meant to be enjoyed for their aesthetic value. Over the years and since the release of the first game, however, there has been a controversial topic about skins and how they somehow affect the overall gameplay.

In a post on Twitter, popular Twitch streamer and Widowmaker main Kephrii talked about how the new Medusa skin is not actually helping players equip it. Basically, the skin seems to be making so much noise that players are unable to hear and identify enemy footsteps. Obviously, if you are a Widowmaker main, that is a serious drawback right there. It will be too late before you realize that someone just sneaked in and eliminated you.

The problem does not end there though. The snakes on the Medusa skin can also give away the very position of the player using Widowmaker.

“The new Medusa skin is so loud it actively punishes you for using it. Not only can you not hear enemy footsteps you also can’t hide either. The enemy team can hear the snakes/hair on the Medusa skin & pinpoint your location from them,” the Twitch streamer said.

In the comments, some Overwatch 2 fans are criticizing the Battle for Olympus skin, dubbing it as “pay to lose.” Perhaps the only light at the end of the tunnel here is that the skin does not provide users with any advantage, albeit it puts them in a losing position. Keep in mind that the skin can only be obtained by purchasing it from the store. That is why some players took issue with the fact that they are getting punished for actually spending money on the game.

It is unclear yet if the developers at Blizzard plan to update the Widowmaker Medusa skin. But until that issue is fixed, players using the hero and equipping the skin will definitely be at a disadvantage.

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