Omniscient Reader Makes its Way to Seven Knights Idle Adventure

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A new update is now live in Seven Knights Idle Adventure which makes the start of a new collaboration. This time it's with Omniscient Reader and introduces four new heroes along with exciting events.

Omniscient Reader tells the story of Kim Dokja, an average office worker whose main interest was reading his favorite web novel titled "Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse." One day the story suddenly becomes a reality and Dokja is the only one who knows how everything plays out. With this knowledge, he plans to change the course of the story.

In this latest collab, players get access to Junghyeok Yu, the main character of the novel. Junghyeok Yu (Legendary) is a melee hero whose active skill Giant Body Transformation allows him to penetrate enemy lines and even deal extra damaged to ranged enemies. His also has a buff known as Tiger God Aura where he can block all attacks for a period after a successful active skill attack.

Another character is Sangah Yu (Legendary), who in the webtoon is one of Dokja's teammates. In the game, she is a ranged hero who is best when it comes to infiltrating deep into enemy territory to hide. She has the Agile Movement buff which allows her to increase her attack speed while restraining enemies upon dealing critical hit.

The other two new playable characters are Bai Jiao (Legendary), and Sage Pooki (Extra).

New Content

In addition to new characters, players can also look forward to a special dungeon. Available for a limited time, the Tara Challenger Pass let give players a chance to obtain the Legendary Hero Tara. There are also other new content like costumes for the three newest heroes which are Yoo Jung-hyuk, Yoo Sang-ah, and Bai Jiao. There's also going to be a new costume for Dokja Kim. Players can also look forward on going to the new territory which is Sage Peak.

New Events

To celebrate the new update, new events are now live and scheduled to run until January 24. One of these is the Rate Up event where players can obtain Junghyeok Yu, Sangah Yu, and Bai Jiao. Another one is the Sages' Carnival Event which features the Legendary hero Roro along with other unique heroes and a lot of in-game items.

Players can also get rewards through the Collaboration Check-In Event where all players need to do is simply log in to the game.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is available to download for mobile platforms through the App Store and Google Play.

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