Omega Strikers: Two New Characters from Latest Update

Omega Strikers New Characters
Get ready to welcome Vyca and Octavia. Odyssey Interactive

It's only been around three weeks since Omega Strikers was launched. That didn't matter much for developer Odyssey Interactive as the studio released the game's first major update. The highlights are the new two characters added to the roster.

The Electrifying Rocker

The first new character is Vyce, an explosive long-range Striker. She uses an electrified guitar not only to deal heavy damage but also warp across the field. She's able to drop thunderbolts to stun enemies, launch chain lightning attacks, and release a massive shockwave which can send enemies flying. For Vyce, it's all about finding the perfect timing.

Her skills are:

  • Thunderstruck [SECONDARY]
    • Summon a thunderbolt from the sky to a target location, hitting and stunning enemies for .75 seconds.
    • For the next 3.25 seconds, it can be recast to assume a form of pure energy and teleport to the cast location.
  • Power Chord [PRIMARY]
    • Launches a lightning riff which slows the first target struck before chaining light hits to nearby opponents.
  • Super Nova [SPECIAL]
    • Push and hold this ability to start rocking out and get 100% knockback resistance.
    • Upon releasing the ability or after 2.5 seconds, it emits a shockwave blasting enemies away from the player.
    • The wave increases in size and power for the first 1.25 seconds it's charged.

The Sonic Virtuoso

The second character is Octavia. She's a speedy but fragile striker who is good at controlling the core and can evade enemy attacks using her pair of psychically-controlled speakers. Her playstyle is built around Flow State, giving her a scaling speed boost which refreshes its duration whenever she hits something. The key in Octavia's gameplay is having quick reflexes and a focused mind.

Her skills are:

  • Flow State [SECONDARY]
    • Gain 25% speed for 2.75 seconds that increases by 2.5% per second.
    • Hitting anything refreshes the duration and scales infinitely.
  • Sonic Boom [PRIMARY]
    • Launch a sonic wave that hits all targets it passes through and slows them for 1 second.
    • Deals light hits to subsequent targets.
  • Bass Drop [SPECIAL]
    • After a delay, emit 5 sound pulses over a short duration that hit surrounding enemies.

In addition to new characters, the new update also introduces a new map and a rework on Asher.

Omega Strikers is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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