Omega Strikers: Asher Reworked in New Update

Omega Strikers Asher Rework
A much needed change! Odyssey Interactive

The first major update for Omega Strikers is out and now playable. One of the changes is the rework for Asher.

The development team revealed that Asher's kit had become too oppressive at Keeping the Core forward; this made it frustrating for opponents. As a result, her passive shield has been removed and moved to the duration of her primary ability cast only. So, when she casts primary on her side of the field, this barrier becomes larger and unbreakable.

According to the team, the changes should improve her tank-like playstyle. Here's a look at her reworked abilities:

  • Striker Barrier (Strike)
    • Passive Barrier Creation on ability casts (Removed).
    • Now a normal Strike.
  • Breakthrough [Secondary]
    • Fixed a bug where Asher could move during the channel time of the dash (0.125-second channel before dash).
    • Tuned to be more forgiving to hit units slightly in front of and behind her.
    • Now gives Asher a buff which reduces incoming Knockbacks by 30% and damage taken by 25% for 5 seconds.
    • This buff loses its effects if Asher is staggered.
  • Barrier Beam [Primary]
    • Renamed from Arc Beam to Barrier Beam.
    • Creates a barrier while cast that deals a Light hit to enemies it comes in contact with before breaking (New).
    • If cast on Asher's team's side of the field, the barrier is larger and unbreakable for its duration.
    • Asher is no longer further slowed if the barrier hits something (she is still slowed while channeling).
    • Beam Range: Increased from 340 to 350.

While Asher did get a "big" rework, there are also other characters that received fixes:

  • Era
    • Magical Maelstrom [Special]
      • Maximum knockback angle to the cast direction: 90 degrees to 60 degrees
        • This keeps both the Core and knocked-back players moving in the direction of the Maelstrom, instead of it being all funky.
  • Juno
    • Strike with Friends (Strike)
      • Blobbos now resets their overridden strike direction when Juno strikes the Core [Bug Fix]
        • This should make it easier for Juno to set up some pass plays with the Core
  • Rasmus
    • Pendulum Swing [Primary]
      • The head of his chain sickle (circular area) now scales with increased size. [Bug Fix]
  • Rune
    • Unstable Anomaly [Primary]
      • Now scales at a fixed rate, instead of being slowed down by increased Creation Duration. [Bug Fix]
      • Knocks back targets multiple times if they stay inside the Anomaly. [Bug Fix]
  • Banish [Special]
    • Now banishes additional targets hit for the same amount of time as the first target. [Bug Fix]
  • X
    • Base strike size: 350 diameter to 270 diameter, [Bug Fix]

Omega Strikers is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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