Obey Me! Nightbringer Now Live on Android and iOS

A different king of world.
A different king of world. NTT Solmare

Good news for fans of dating simulation games. Obey Me! Nightbringer is now available on Android and iOS. If the title sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the latest addition to the Obey Me! Series.

Pre-registration for the game actually started back on March 22 and was a success. As of April 12, at least 500,000 players have registered, and so all players get an in-game item set. New players should be happy to know that there’s a Beginner Login Bonus and a 90% off Start Dash Sale.

In this latest installment, players find themselves waking up to a world that feels familiar but is somehow different. Not only are the brothers now aloof and cold but for some reason the Royal Academy of Diavolo apparently doesn’t exist. You now find yourself in the Devildom just after the Great Celestial War. With the help of Soloman, you’ve managed to disguise yourself as a demon and become the brand-new attendant to the demon brothers. The question is whether you can reform the lost bonds you have with the brothers and return to the world which you once knew?

Choices are important since in Obey Me! Nightbringer, these have a direct impact on how the story moves forward. Aside from chatting and making phone calls, players can now participate in online meetings. They can even now cheer on the videos of their favorite characters and strengthen their cards in time for battle.

Another new feature players can enjoy are the new quests in the form of a rhythm game. What happens is that as you make your way across every episode, you’ll encounter rhythm game quests. To master these, you’ll need to polish your skills and use items and cards found in the Devildom. By the way, all songs in the rhythm game are sung by the demons.

Other Key Features

  • Peek into the daily lives of the demons.
    • Take a look into the daily lives of your favorite demons through a new feature.
    • By talking and giving them presents, you might get the chance to see a whole new side to them.
  • Comment on your favorite videos.
    • Go even further and post comments on your favorite videos of the ikemen demons.
    • Share your love through a comment or add an effect to cheer them on.
    • Spice the videos up with your own personal touch.

Get Obey Me! Nightbringer on the Play Store and App Store.

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