November Update for Final Fantasy XI Online is Live

Prepare for a lot of new content.
Prepare for a lot of new content. Square Enix

The November update for Final Fantasy XI Online has finally arrived and for sure many of you have been waiting for it. After all, this update brings the latest chapter of The Voracious Resurgence storyline. There are also new campaigns and in-game events. Another thing players can look forward to is the new “Master Levels” character advancement system.

This latest addition to The Voracious Resurgence is the sixth part of the story. It introduces new characters like the Yagudo warrior from the Far East, Gessho. To start this newest quest, players need to go to Reisenjima and look for Reikuu. However, they complete The Sea Sage quest first.

Master Levels

The November update adds Master Levels to the game. This is a new job advancement system for players who reached master status for their jobs. When the master level is increased, it also increases basic attributes and the maximum level of the player’s support job.

To unlock this feature, players must reach the master status and level 99 of their current job. To gain master levels, players need to earn exemplar points by defeating enemies and meet these conditions:

  • Have the Master Breaker key item.
  • Be level 99 in their current job.
  • Have achieved job master status in your current job.
  • Defeat enemies whose strength as displayed with /check is Easy Prey or higher.

New Content

Other new pieces of content that arrived with the update include:

  • A Challenge from Lion Returns
    • Players can try to overcome the trials posed by Lion and her allies to receive special rewards.
    • Players can get the trigger items needed to participate in the event throughout the November 2021 Login Campaign point exchange, with several weapons available as rewards for completing the content.
  • Winter Warm-Up Campaign
    • A new set of campaigns is available to assist players on their journeys in Vana’diel.
    • Players can enjoy strengthened alter egos that help them in battle, doubled badges of gallantry in both normal and intense Ambuscade difficulties once per day, bonuses to Mog Gardens, and more.
    • This is available from November 11 to November 30.
  • November Login Campaign
    • Players get different rewards by logging in daily and collecting points to exchange for prizes.

Final Fantasy XI Online is available on PC.

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