Noble Fates Welcomes Players to the Dwarven Domain

Update Xobermon

The dwarves are now at your disposal after emerging from the caverns in Noble Fates Update

Meet the Dwarves

Dwarves Xobermon

Dwarves are facial-haired folk skilled in mining and crafting. They live longer than humans but they progress a bit slower. Dwarves generally dislike elves, but perhaps some arrangements can be made for them to work peacefully.

Frostcaps Xobermon

Because they are deep dwellers, dwarves need a cooler environment than other races in Noble Fates, so it's important to keep track of the temperature. To keep things cool, you can use the new Frostcaps as fuel for Coolers.

Frostcaps are a magical underground fungus found in caverns. While they're key to maintaining a cool environment, do not harvest all of them or you will disrupt the delicate ecosystem. Additionally, you can build a house with exhaust pipes and vents to regulate the heat.

Coolers Xobermon

Dwarves can also terraform terrain. If you're looking to build a castle on top of a hill and you cannot find a suitable location, just assign them to shape the terrain for you.

Exhaust Pipes Xobermon

And lastly, dwarves like to drink for relaxation. To keep them satisfied, give them some of the new delicious dwarven concoctions, such as Cornshine, Octogin, Pumpdo, Mealidew, Strawshot, and Woodsky. They need a drink every three days, so do keep that in mind.

Patch Notes

New Content

  • Underground Caverns
    • Created on world generation
    • Found via digging
    • Contain Frostcaps
    • Contain Kin Mounds
    • Contain Stalagmites
    • Add Cave Room Type (surrounded by terrain)
    • Add Cavern Building Type (surrounded by terrain)
  • Terraforming
    • Place Dirt Blocks that are constructed into Dirt Terrain
    • Consumes Dirt
  • Temperature
    • Introduce Temperature Simulation
    • Expose Depth and its effects on Temperature
    • Expose Insulation and its effects on Temperature
    • Add Temperature Visibility Option
  • Frostcaps
    • Frostcaps Propagate organically while Mycelium surrounds them
    • Mycelium recedes when no Frostcaps are nearby
    • Don't eat the Frostcaps... You can't. Yet(?)
  • Kin
    • The Kin are Mortals from ancient civilizations who ate Frostcaps
    • Add Ratkin/Fishkin
    • Kin can jump 2 levels
    • Kin can combo their attacks
    • Bigkin
      • Larger/Stronger variant of the Kin
      • Cannot combo attacks
      • Bigkin can jump 3 levels
      • Bigkin can knock back on attack
    • Kin Mounds
      • Spawn underground
      • Warn when Disturbed
      • Kin Emerge when Disturbed too much or for too long

Noble Fates Update is available on PC.

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