No Man's Sky: Some Issues with Blighted Expedition Now Resolved in Patch 3.89

Patch 3.89
Patch 3.89 Twitter/@NoMansSky

Patch 3.89 for No Man’s Sky is now available on all platforms. This update resolves some issues with the Blighted Expedition. It implements bug fixes for the other issues present in the game as well.

In the Outlaws update for No Man’s Sky, the developers added the Blighted Expedition. This limited-time voyage sets you on a journey to acquire the mysterious treasure guarded by the faction known as “The Blight.”

Anyway, the dev team resolved some bugs concerning the Blighted Expedition. For one, the issue that could prevent you from constructing the first map fragment as part of the expedition has been fixed. The bug that could cause a blocker during the “Last Piece” milestone has been addressed as well.

Patch 3.89 has also made squadrons a lot better now than before. That’s because the combat behaviors of higher-ranked squadron pilots have been improved. Furthermore, crashes related to squadron recruitment and the squadron management UI have been resolved.

Patch Highlights

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the Liberation milestone from unlocking when declining a freighter acquisition during the Blighted expedition
  • Fixed an issue where Gravitino Balls collected from Sentient Plants would not count towards the Coveted Suns milestone in the Blighted expedition
  • Fixed an issue that could occur if players opened the Portal during the Blighted expedition but then did not enter it
  • Fixed an issue that showed an incorrect prompt on the final reward patch having already collected the expedition reward
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent progress in the Under a Rebel Star mission when flying to the rendezvous point
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent progress in the Under a Rebel Star mission after triggering an alarm at the crash site
  • Fixed an issue that could cause pilot recruitment to be blocked if the player had already recruited a similar looking NPC
  • Fixed an issue that could occur if dismissing your squadron while they are already leaving
  • Fixed a number of issues that could cause Sentinel drones to spawn underground and become stuck
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Vulnerable Settlement alert to appear on the first planet visited after every warp
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from transferring items from their ship’s cargo inventory when buying a new starship
  • Fixed a texture streaming memory leak
  • Fixed a GPU crash on PlayStation 5
  • Fixed a crash related to Sentinel Hardframe navigation
  • Fixed a number of memory-related crashes for PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1

No Man’s Sky Patch 3.89 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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