No Man's Sky: Sentinel Update 3.81 Resolves Freighter and Multi-Tool Issues

No Man's Sky Sentinel Update
No Man's Sky Sentinel Update Hello Games

No Man’s Sky’s Sentinel update was launched a week ago, and it’s the game’s first major content patch this year. Shortly after its release, some significant issues were reported to developer Hello Games, with the freighter and Multi-Tool being the most common. Those are what the developers intend to fix in Update 3.81.

One of the most notable fixes is that you can now build a base inside the freighter like you used to. The issue where freighter bases would fail to load after warping has been resolved as well.

Aside from that, the issue where all the Multi-Tools in your possession have turned into Royal Multi-Tools after reloading a save has been fixed. However, keep in mind that this is only true for pre-existing ones. Newly acquired Royal Multi-Tools may have changed appearance and may require an additional update to fix.


  • Fixed an issue that caused an empty copy of the player’s freighter to spawn in a system after warping
  • Fixed an issue that caused inappropriate technologies to occasionally be found in the inventory of newly purchased freighters
  • Fixed an issue that changed the Multi-Tools offered in shops and space stations. Weapon caches at the same coordinates will now offer the same tools as before 3.80
  • Fixed an issue that caused some saved Multi-Tools to change their appearance
  • Adjusted the auto-aim strength of the Blaze Javelin, to make pad aiming behave more consistently
  • Slightly reduced the effect of gravity on Pulse Spitter projectiles
  • Slightly increased the base damage of the Pulse Spitter
  • Adjusted the fire rate of Sentinel drones, so that recently shot drones will attempt to retaliate more aggressively
  • Sentinel drones now attempt to keep further away from the Minotaur when in combat
  • Reduced the movement levels of the reconstructed drone during interactions
  • Fixed an issue that prevented stun effects from being correctly applied to creatures on derelict freighters
  • Fixed an issue that prevented stunned creatures from dying
  • Fixed an issue that caused some stunned entities to briefly enter an invalid navigation state after recovering
  • Fixed an issue that caused the jetpack to be disabled in Photo Mode
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the jetpack effects from appearing when using the default backpack
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the transition effects to fail to play when exiting the starship

You can read the full patch notes by heading to No Man’s Sky’s official website.

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