No Man's Sky is Releasing on Nintendo Switch October 7

The universe at the palm of your hand.
The universe at the palm of your hand. Twitter/@NoMansSky

Good news to Nintendo Switch players! No Man’s Sky is finally coming to the platform this October 7. It will be offered digitally on the Nintendo eShop and as a physical edition through all retailers.

No Man’s Sky was first released in 2016, initially available on PC and PlayStation 4, then later on Xbox One in 2018. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions came out in November 2020.

Game Features

The game offers a procedurally-generated universe and features an almost infinite number of planets and star systems that players can explore. Exploring, however, won’t be easy because of fierce pirates and other hostile creatures. To survive, players need to make the right decision in upgrading their ship, weapon, and suit.

Ultimately, the journey is left to the players. There’s a choice, for example, to be a fighter and prey on the weak while taking their riches. Players can also be traders by finding resources in forgotten worlds and selling them for the highest price. Those who want to discover more about the universe can be an explorer and uncover undiscovered places.

Of course, players are never alone in their journey. After all, every other player lives in the same galaxy. That means they can choose to share their discoveries on a map and could even get to see the results of their actions.

Access Content

Since the initial launch, there has been six years’ worth of content updates or 20 major updates. Nintendo Switch players can look forward to getting access to everything released so far. That includes Foundation, Pathfinder, Atlas Rises, NEXT, The Abyss, Visions, the 2.0 BEYOND update, Synthesis, Living Ship, Exo Mech, Desolation, Update 3.0, ORIGINS, Next Generation, Companions, Expeditions, Prisms, Frontiers, Sentinel and Outlaws.

Of course, those same players will also receive future updates. Since Switch is part of the game, players are now part of the No Man’s Sky community, one of the largest and most welcoming.

In a statement, Hello Games founder Sean Murray shared that many players will be blown away, especially when they play the game on a tiny device. He added that it had been a huge but rewarding undertaking for the team.

What do you think Nintendo Switch players?

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