Nioh 2 Final Demo Releasing On February 28

Nioh 2 Last Chance Trial
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The official Nioh 2 Twitter account confirmed that the final demo for the game will be made available for a limited time at the end of this month. The demo will be released on February 28 and will be made available until March 1. The post also confirmed that the characters created in the demo can be imported in the live build of the game, which launches on March 13 worldwide.

Nioh 2 is set to expand upon the original Nioh with new skills, weapon types, and gameplay mechanics, improved multiplayer, and more. Nioh 2 is also receiving a Season Pass like it's predecessor, granting access to all story expansions that will release throughout 2020.

The PlayStation blog highlights some of the features that players will be able to experience in the demo:

Last Chance Free Trial

The demo comes with three missions for the players to test their skills. You will be venturing out in Mount Tenno and come across deadly creatures. Even though the progress you make in the demo will not be transferred to the final game, your customized character can be imported.

Yokai Presence

The world of Nioh 2 is set in a fictional version of feudal Japan with mythological creatures called Yokai walking the grounds. This result is a refreshing, fantastical blend of visceral samurai combat and enchanting magic.

Yokai Abilities

Yokais are special spirits like raging boars and wolves that bosses can summon to rip you apart mid-battle. However, the player will also be able to summon their own Yokai to unleash a flurry of powerful attacks against enemies.

Ki Management

Stamina is referred to as "Ki" in Nioh 2 and you have to be aware of how you manage it. Every weapon swing, dodge, roll and blocked attack in Nioh 2 costs Ki. However, once the Ki Pulse technique has been mastered, it allows you to outlast your foes.

The Dark Realm

Dark Realms are areas in Nioh 2, where certain enemies can sap away at your Ki. Some enemies can slow down the regeneration of Ki, but a precisely-timed Ki Pulse will dissipate the effect.

Weapon Variety & Stances

Nioh 2 offers a robust arsenal of melee weapons, including the trusty katana, massive hammer, or chained kusarigamas. Each of these weapons supports low, medium, and high stances. Low stance offers high defense and low damage output to enemies. The high stance is all about unleashing your wrath on your foes while leaving yourself vulnerable. If you want to have a balance of offense and defense, the medium stance helps you with it.

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