Nioh 2 Offers A Decent 50+ Hour Campaign

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While we are nearing the launch of Nioh 2, Team Ninja has revealed the campaign length for the game. Although Nioh 2 shares the same brutal combat of its predecessor, it also seems to have a comparatively similar playtime. In a recent interview with VG247, the producer for Nioh 2, Fumihiko Yasuda, stated that Nioh 2 will be similar to Nioh in terms of playtime and content.

"So the number of the main missions is about the same," Yasuda said in the interview. "It's lengthwise about the same as Nioh 1, but when we looked at how long it took for the players to complete Nioh 1, it depended on the player, how good they were, how they played it, etc. So it's hard to say, but when I played the game this past January, it took me 55 hours."

The original Nioh offered a decent playtime and, of course, demanded a lot of skill, patience, and determination to master the game's combat. It took me somewhere around 50-60 hours to complete the game in my first playthrough, and far less when I revisited the game recently. However, if you choose to complete all of the side-quests and the Twilight stages, the game can last well over 70-80 hours. Now, if Nioh 2 is expected to offer 50+ hours of gameplay, we can safely assume that with all the side quests and optional content, the game should offer a similar experience as its predecessor.

Recently, many people got their hands on Nioh 2 through a beta, and I am not surprised when they claimed that the game is just as difficult as the original Nioh. I find this interesting, as after completing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Nioh, I expect samurai games to be brutally difficult. There is a sense of achievement you get upon beating a challenging boss that most games fail to offer.

Nioh 2 is set to release on March 13 for the PS4, and sometime later in 2020 for PC. You can learn more about Nioh 2 here.

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