Nintendo Switch Update Adds Wireless Headphone Support

Gamers can take the Nintendo Switch on a plane.
Gamers can take the Nintendo Switch on a plane. Nintendo

Fans of Nintendo’s new hybrid console are discovering another new feature included in the Nintendo Switch 4.0 update (and not included in any Nintendo patch notes) is support for wireless headphones. But before we get too excited, the Switch supports wireless headphones that use a USB connection, not bluetooth. According to a report in Nintendo Life the headphones must use a USB dongle that can connect to the console when it’s docked or undocked.

If you’re not sure which headphones use a USB dongle, Nintendo Life points out the over-the-head headphones released by Sony for the PlayStation 4.

The Gold PS4 wireless headphones
The Gold PS4 wireless headphones Sony

The Switch's dock has standard USB ports to attach a dongle to, but for use in handheld mode Switch owners will need a USB-to-USB-C adapter for wireless headphone support.

It’s a lot easier (and less cumbersome) to connect to the Nintendo Switch dock with your wireless headphones as the Nintendo Life video shows.

Gamers looking for bluetooth headphone support will likely have to wait, but the update to bring USB wireless headphones to the Switch is a step in the right direction. One possible reason why bluetooth headphone support isn’t available (yet) is so it doesn’t interfere with the controllers.

The Nintendo Switch 4.0 update allows for game capture on the console. However, only certain games like Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 2 can use this feature and only 30 seconds of footage will be captured at one time.

Another big new feature for the Switch is the ability for gamers to transfer their user and save data from one console to another. You can check out how to transfer your save files on the Nintendo Switch in our handy guide.

What do you think of the Nintendo Switch finally supporting wireless headphones? Do you think bluetooth headphones are the next step? Sound off in the comments section below.

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