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It seems that Nintendo has finally resolved an issue where players were unable to download content on their Nintendo Switch following a problematic firmware update.

People who have downloaded firmware version 12.0.3 may have come across a problem with eShop. The issue prohibited Switch owners from downloading anything, from updates or new games eShop, and they are met with the error code 2123-1502 in the process.

The Company Finally Fixes It

After more than two weeks of battling with the issue, it appears that the company fixed it via a server-side update. This has been confirmed by several users on Reddit.

The server maintenance was conducted on June 20 and although information was not disclosed at that time, users validated that they were no longer met by error code 2123-1502 when downloading updates and new content.

User @PeteSkerritt tweeted: “After nearly 2 weeks — and with absolutely no public comment or discussion on the matter — Nintendo *appears* to have resolved Switch Error Code 2123-1502, at least in my experience.”

It is nice that the company was able to finally fix the issue. It was earlier revealed that Nintendo intended to distribute an update on June 29, but users no longer have to wait that long to download stuff on their consoles again. However, the company may release a new firmware on that date, which not only fixes any lingering problems from 12.0.3 but also comes with additional features.

Before the server-side fix, people would have to do certain temporary fixes. Some users have reported that changing the DNS settings of their Switch did the trick. Others were able to download game updates by continually pressing retry until it pushes through. These are quite cumbersome and not all users could benefit from the workarounds.

Now that the issue has been fixed, Nintendo Switch owners can safely update to the latest firmware version. Nintendo has some explaining to do and hopefully, a similar issue will not surface in the future.

Were you able to download anything from the eShop lately?

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